Rusty Reams Leads the Great Real Money Bingo Revival

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When most people think of the game bingo, they probably think of church basements or fire halls as the primary place to play bingo for money not OnlineBlingo.com. There are also ways to play online bingo as part of websites hosting real money casinos. What you probably do not think about when it comes to bingo, is playing it while you are on a ski vacation at one of the top resort towns out west.

In a recent article on OnlineBlingo.com by Trevor Husted, the amazing story of Rusty Reams and his Great Bingo Revival out of Squaw Valley paints a picture of fun beyond anyone’s imagination playing this classic game. It all started back in 2003 when Reams relocated to Tahoe after college because he loved to ski. In an effort to supplement his income, he turned to bingo online at PlaySlots4RealMoney.com five years ago as way to entertain skiers when they were not out on the  mountain. What started out as a mid-week distraction to fill in slow times at area eating and drinking establishments has turned into a full-time operation that has expanded its boundaries beyond the ski resorts.

Reams describes his unique twist on a rather simple game as this “ain’t your Grandma’s bingo.” What makes his bingo game vastly different from what most people expect is the combination of funk, lights, dancing, laughter and a packed house as described in this report. He was inspired by the ‘70s for his theme in what has been described as “Saturday Night Fever meets George Clinton and Parliament Funkadelic.” There are DJ’s dressed in ‘sweatsedos’ playing funk tunes and there are ‘Bingo-go’ dancers dressed bell bottom pants and gold sequins wearing giant wigs.

Reams takes on the persona of ‘The Reverend’ when he is on stage calling out numbers. As part of the act, he employs props such as a tambourine, gavel, air-ball machine, a tailored three-piece suit and a fedora. Complementing the whole look is a handle-bar mustache and long red hair.According to thi s report, what started out as a steady gig in Tahoe has expanded to festivals, fundraisers and parties across the nation. One of latest venues was on a Southwest flight to Orlando. His plans for next winter include adding other popular ski resorts to the mix outside of his home base.

This unique venture was first contrived during a stay in Eugene, Oregon while taking some time away from Tahoe. After winning a round of bingo on his birthday he was hooked on the game. He looks at bingo as a release from the stresses in the world and believes that it is his calling in life to bring this same sense of release through his style and flare for the game. The report goe s on to add Reams’ goal for the future. “I’m hoping to tour the world playing bingo and skiing every day. I want to create a bingo empire. I want to take it intergalactic and be planet earth’s Premier Bingo Caller. I want to hit up all the ski towns and ski powder everyday so that one day I can sit next to my slopeside mansion thinking of all the fun games we played.”


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