Russian Owner of Gambling Website 1xBet Dies in Mystery Medical Mishap

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Jagajeet Chiba
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Russian Tycoon Sergey Karshkov, the owner of the gambling website 1xBet, has died in after a medical mishap in Switzerland.  He was 42.

Karshkov appears to have died in a Swiss clinic after a medical examination using magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) and that the MRI caused an allergic reaction, followed by a coma, then death.

A friend, Toonbox animator, confirmed the untimely death.

"No me lo puedo creer... Tengo un semen en la garganta. ¡Esto no puede estar pasando! ¿Cómo es así? ¡Serega fue una de las personas más deportivas y sanas que he conocido! ¡Como un toro! Viajé a Suiza para un chequeo... Los líquidos contrastantes para la resonancia magnética y la subsecuente resonancia provocaron primero alergia, luego coma y luego la muerte... ¡Dios mío, qué pesadilla! ¡Una pesadilla! Corm en la garganta..."

"I can't believe it... I have semen in my throat. This can not be happening! How so? Serega was one of the most sporty and healthy people I have ever met! Like a bull! I traveled to Switzerland for a checkup... The contrast fluids for the MRI and subsequent MRI caused first allergy, then coma and then death... My God, what a nightmare! A nightmare! Corm in the throat..."


Karshkov was born in Ukraine's Kyiv oblast in 1980 before moving to Bryansk in Russia.  He had been on a "wanted list" for the illegal organization and conduct of gambling, according to Latvia-based independent Russian news outlet Meduza.

Back in December, NPR analyzed the numerous mysterious deaths of Russian businessmen and the headline "Russian businessmen keep mysteriously dying. Why?".

This recent headline might sound familiar - Russian oligarch dies after hotel fall. Sausage magnate Pavel Antov fell to his death in India on Christmas Eve. And he has a lot of company. At least a dozen Russian businessmen have died mysteriously in the last year. Some have toppled from windows. Others tumbled downstairs or have been struck with fatal illnesses. In fact, just two days before Antov's death, someone traveling with him died in the same hotel of an apparent heart attack.

- Jagajeet Chiba,

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