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Baccarat is quite an exciting game, whether you are playing it online or physically. If you are a newbie or are just getting started on the gameplay, you are likely to hear a lot of things that could scare you away. Here are a few tips to help you along the way. One, you do not have to have loads of money to get into the game. It’s best to start small as you learn more about the game before doubling the amount in play. Do not let the bucks get to you. You can think of it as baccarat rules explained rule number one. Two, the dress code does not matter. You could be in a tux, you could be in shorts, you could be in anything, and that would in no way affect your gameplay. Keep your eyes on the prize, and you’ll be fine. The game began at the high-roller tables, and for this reason, players often felt the need to dress up. Here, you can choose how much you want to wager and get in on the various bonuses. Now that we have covered the two most important guidelines, we can head on to the tips, some of which you can also use in other games:


No ‘Tie’ Bet

There are three bets that you can make in this game, and they could all end very differently. The first is the banker, and this has a house edge of about 1.06 percent. It means that for every one hundred units that you wager on the banker, you stand to lose 1.06 units. The player is the second bet, and this has a house bet of 1.24 percent. It means that you stand to lose those units for each one hundred points that you wager on this bet. Whatever you do, always go for either of these two choices.

Now, the thing with the third is that you are throwing your money down the drain if you place this wager. It has a house edge of 14.4 percent. It translates to losing those units for every one hundred points that you wager. Those chances are pretty high, and it is for this reason that people do not make this bet. You could look at it as a waste of money, and usually, newbies are the ones who make this wager in their first plays. This tip will come in handy in giving you a better chance at winning.

Your best bet?

Now that you know what each wager holds in store for you, what’s the best way forward? A baccarat player would tell you that going for the banker would give you the best chance of winning. You will find that the banker tends to come on top more than half the time and for your first play, this would be a good choice. You should note that each win is subject to a five percent commission so that the player cannot have an edge on the bet. This tip is indicative of where you should place your money.


Keep Going

If you bet on the banker and make some money out of it, do not stop there and keep placing money on it until the streak comes to an end. One mistake that people make when they start winning is that they get very ambitious with the amounts, forgetting that there is a house edge. Remember that once you place money and it’s gone, the chances of getting it back are slim as you never know when you’ll get another streak. Once the banker loses, be sure to change tune unless you want to give back all your winnings.


When the banker loses

Let’s say that you have been going a while and the banker has finally lost. Do not rush in this situation and take some time as you wait for the next decision as it is what will determine your bet. Suppose it ends up as a tie, neither the banker nor the player will lose, hence the name.


Avoid the Mini

The original way of playing this game allows people to make tens of decisions during the play and it thus increases the chances of a win. The problem is with the mini-version. The fast pace of the mini version means that there are many decisions made in a short time and this could have devastating results.

Finally, keep an eye on the amount of money spent in the game as you could end up digging much deeper into your pocket than initially intended. Also, be sure to read up on ways you can win so that you will have more knowledge on the game before going in. And, good luck!

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