The Role of UKGC in Online Gambling Industry

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Apart from the League Championship, the United Kingdom is also one of the most important territories of the gambling industry. The technology revolution and the appearance of the internet have allowed this sector to rise there. With this inevitable growth, an authority was born in 2007 to regulate the gambling in this sovereign country.

Today, the UK Gambling Commission that was formed under the 2005 Gambling is very powerful and has regulated and supervised all gambling activities in Great Britain. The operators must hold licences from this body in order to ensure the security and the protection of their customers. Known to be very stringent in terms of rules and licences since 2014, this entity has handed down a lot of fines to the regulators for different reasons. In this article, we will take a look at the UKGC roles and responsibilities in the online gambling industry.

Keeping illegal and criminal activities out of gambling

The gambling world is a fertile location for criminal acts which has become a major concern leading to several issues. That is the main reason the Gambling Commission make sure that each operator should build an effective strategy to avoid these possible illegal activities.

For example, the firms have to offer safe and secure payment methods by taking all necessary measures to detect money laundering. And if this problem occurs in the online casinos, they must have the appropriate solutions. Moreover, the authority makes sure that the legal operators should have a separate bank account where they keep the players’ funds.

If an operator did not find effective means to prevent these problems, it would surely be sanctioned by the regulator. Many firms were already fined by this authority for failing to avoid some of their customers use money linked to criminal offences.

Investigating if the licence holders use software supplied by licensed software providers

Another role of the Commission is to investigate if the legal firms use software created by the licensed software suppliers. They also make sure that UK top online casinos are not misleading the gamblers with the advertisement or promotions they offer.

Besides, any betting firms that hold a licence in the United Kingdom have to respect the criteria set by the Commission. The effectuation of TAB or Take a Break is one of the changes allowing the gamblers to self-include themselves in a casino site for a limited time. In most cases, this can be done automatically in the casino software.

Issuing Licenses for Gambling Businesses

Here are the operating licences delivered by this regulator in order to operate in the United Kingdom. These firms must get a separate licence for each type of gambling activity. In fact, there are two kinds of online gambling operating licences, a standard and a limited.

The standard licence is required when the company supplies the facilities to its customers or if a part of its remote gambling materials is located in the UK area. There are three sorts of the standard operating licences including the licence for real events, licence for virtual events, and licence for the operating platform.

Concerning the limited licence, it is required when the gambling operators provide the facilities via the internet or with other communication's means. It is also required if the part of the company's equipment is located in the UK territory.

Protecting vulnerable and underage persons from any issues related to the gambling

Globally, underage gambling has continued to be a perennial issue. Minors and vulnerable people are the first victims of possible gambling problems. That is the main reason the regulator prioritizes the protection of these defenseless persons.

Thus, it is paramount to make sure that the gambling company regulated in the UK maintains all necessary activities to check their customers’ age. They require the operators to find measures to protect the customers that may have or have gambling behaviour problems. However, the commission won’t interfere when the gamblers complaint.

They wait for the strong systems built by the operators to solve the problems. In addition, the UKCG are not also responsible for giving advice to the gambler. The only thing that they can do to help the customers is to provide information about the Gambling Act.


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