Reuters Investigates: Vegas Casino Plight in Collecting Debt From High Rollers

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Think it is a difficult task for the Vegas casinos to go after US-based high rollers who have accumulated debts?  The matter gets all the more murky when we look at those high rollers owing large debts who reside outside the United States as explained by Joel Schectman and Koh Gui Qing of Reuters Investigates.

In the case Reuters highlights, two Chinese women are involved - Xiufei Yang, 59, and Meie Sun, 52 - both owing a combined $6.4 million.

Problem is their attorney struck back with a surprising allegation.

From Reuters:

Yang and Sun weren’t high-stakes gamblers, their attorneys said in court filings. They were local housekeepers, recruited with the cooperation of Sands personnel to take out millions of dollars in credit in their names and sit near the players as they gambled with the borrowed chips. The real gamblers then were able to play without a paper trail at the company’s Venetian and Palazzo casinos at the heart of the Las Vegas Strip.

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