Dying Mobster Gets 33 Months Prison in Extortion Case

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Dying Mobster Gets 33 Months Prison for Extortion Case – A sick acting Colombo capo was sentenced Friday to more than 2 1/2 years behind bars on extortion charges — despite his lawyer begging for a no-jail term because the 71-year-old mobster only has a year left to live.  Brooklyn federal court Judge Leo Glasser was less than sympathetic toward Luca DiMatteo as he slapped him with a 33-months sentence.

Car Bombs, Corruption and Illegal Betting: Where is This? – This nation was once a Mecca for gambling in the world of online gambling, though in recent years a financial crisis has scared most operators off.  A group, calling itself “Armed Gate Niners Urban Guerillas” emerged to claim responsibility for a series of car bombings, declaring the attacks “the beginning of an armed fight against rotten, contemporary Cypriot football”.  You can probably figure it out now.  The nation is Cyprus.  And these bombings have been blamed on match-fixing allegations.

WSOP Bracelet Winner Ted Forrest Accused of Trying to Defraud Wynn Casino - Ted Forrest, a six-time WSOP bracelet winner, has been accused of trying to defraud the Wynn Casino in Las Vegas by using checks he wasn’t able to cash.  According to a criminal complaint filed with the Las Vegas Justice Court on September 2, Forrest allegedly wrote two checks totaling $215,000 to the Wynn back in 2012.

Gambling Syndicate May Have Bugged Team’s Hotel Room – A listening device was discovered in a hotel room used by the All Blacks just before their Bledisloe Cup win against Australia.  Auckland University of Technology associate professor of sports management Geoff Dickson said gambling syndicates with large budgets would likely have placed the bug to help with setting odds for the game, more so than the competing team.

Gambling Syndicate May Have Bugged Team’s Hotel Room – A listening device was discovered in a hotel room used by the All Blacks just before their Bledisloe Cup win against Australia.  Auckland University of Technology associate professor of sports management Geoff Dickson said gambling syndicates with large budgets would likely have placed the bug to help with setting odds for the game, more so than the competing team.

Lawyers for Mayor Say He Happened Upon Strip Poker WIth Minors in Home, Then Left - The day before Stockton Mayor Anthony Silva goes to court for the first time to face charges for allegedly hosting a strip poker game and providing alcohol to minors, attorneys are trying to claim that Silva happened upon a game, possibly of strip poker, and then left. They say witnesses they spoke with tell them there was no minor in the room.

Mob Boss Joseph 'Skinny Joey' Merlino Liked High-Profile Lifestyle - Joseph "Skinny Joey" Merlino, a reputed Philadelphia mob boss who years ago moved to Boca Raton, never was the type to stay under the radar, a veteran mob prosecutor said Friday.  "In his early days he was somebody who liked to have a high profile," said Assistant U.S. Attorney David Troyer, who prosecuted Merlino two years ago when he violated his supervised release in a 2001 racketeering case. "He was not one of those under-the-radar types; In Philadelphia, he'd hand out turkeys on Thanksgiving Day. "He wasn't as flashy as a John Gotti, but he liked the fancy clothes," and he "seemed to like the limelight."

Mobsters Becoming More and More Tech Savvy - The arrest on Thursday of 46 people, including four in New Jersey, who were allegedly involved in a racketeering ring across the eastern United States, showed that old-style mob activities haven't gone away.  The ring, accused of loan sharking, gambling, trafficking cigarettes and guns, extortion, fraud and assault, was connected to the Genovese, Gambino, Luchese and Bonanno crime families, federal officials said.  However, new groups of organized criminals, often not connected to the mob, are on the rise, authorities say, and they tend to have a strong knowledge of technology.

NRL Rocked by Gambling Match Fixing Scandal - Controversial gambling figure Eddie Hayson has scoffed at claims he and Foran brothers Kieran and Liam are linked to the latest NRL game being investigated for match-fixing.  NSW Police confirmed on Friday that the round-seven match between Parramatta and Manly is under scrutiny after reports an A$18,000 bet was placed on the Eels winning by five points or more minutes before kickoff.

John Gotti, Grandson of Mob Boss, Arrested in Drug Bust - On the same day that close to four dozen Mob associates were taken down in connection to gambling and extortion, a grandson and namesake of the notorious mobster John Gotti has been arrested in New York City in connection with an alleged drug distribution ring.  Police say 500 oxycodone pills were recovered Thursday at the Queens home where the late mobster once lived.  John Gotti the grandson, 23, was arrested, along with his girlfriend.  "Operation Beach Party" resulted in seven arrests and the recovery of $40,000 in cash.

Mohegan Sun Cocktail Waitress to Plead Guilty to Role in Players’ Card Scheme - A former Mohegan Sun cocktail waitress, Rochelle Poszeluznyj, 38, of Kingston, will plead guilty to charges she conspired with two others in a players’ club card scheme that defrauded the casino of more than $420,000.

Mobster-Turned-Minister Tells FBI All About Decades Old Museum Heist - It’s been more than 26 years since the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum heist, and although the paintings have never been recovered, a former mob boss says he might have some information to help the FBI in their search.  Fox25 spoke with Alonso Esposito, a former mob boss in Boston.  Esposito used to go by the name Bobby Luisi Jr. when he was a made member of the mob, but after entering witness protection he’s now a pastor in Memphis.

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NFL Player Who Embezzled Money for Gambling to Receive Concussion Funds - Back in February, former NFL player Reggie Rucker pleaded guilty in federal court to embezzling more than $100,000 from the Cleveland Peacemakers Alliance and other nonprofits that encouraged non-violent solutions to disputes between the city’s residents.  He will be serving approximately two years behind bars for his misdeeds and was ordered to repay the money he stole.  Rucker’s attorneys claim he has no significant assets except the approximately $190,000 he expects to receive from a nearly $1 billion concussion settlement reached between the NFL and its former players.  One of his attorneys also suggests that the injuries suffered by Rucker are known to cause impulsiveness and compulsiveness, both of which may play into Rucker’s crimes

Notorious Boston Mobster Resurfaces From Witness Protection Program With Tantalizing Tale - A notorious Boston mobster who disappeared into the federal witness protection program has resurfaced in Tennessee with a new identity, a new life, and a tantalizing clue involving the world’s largest art heist.  But in the 1990s, as Mafia capo Robert “Bobby” Luisi Jr., he ran a crew of wiseguys, based in Greater Boston, that included two men suspected by the FBI of stashing $500 million worth of masterworks stolen from Boston’s Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum in 1990.  So what does he have to say now?

Man Accidentally Paid £44,000 Instead of £446 Gets 100 Hrs Community Service - A builder who was paid £44,000 instead of £446 by his boss and blew it on Internet gambling, drugs, jewels and a brand new Audi is made to carry out just 100 hours of community service.  Steven Burke, 44, of Scarborough, was stunned after his boss' mistake.

New book claims Debt-ridden Lord Lucan was 'Bumped Off Mafia-Style’ by Gambling Buds - The Swiss aristrocrat disappeared in 1974.  It is considered one of the greatest mysteries of the past 40 years.  The nanny to his three children Sandra Rivett, 29, was found murdered in his London home.  And now thriller writer Peter James, who claims to have close contact within Lucan's circle of friends, has come up with a new theory. A gambling mate once claimed Lord Lucan shot himself, then was fed to a tiger.

Star South Korean Pitcher Charged in Gambling Case - Prosecutors in Changwon city on Thursday said they formally charged pitcher Lee Tae Yang, a starter for NC Dinos in the Korea Baseball Organization, for deliberately allowing first-inning walks and runs in two games last season after receiving 20 million won ($17,500) from a gambling broker, who has been arrested.

Interpol Made Over 4,000 Arrests Related to Illegal Gambling on Euro 2016 - Nearly 4,000 raids were carried out in China, France, Greece, Italy, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand and Vietnam with more than 4100 people arrested for illegal gambling as part of Operation SOGA VI – the sixth investigation into football gambling by Interpol.

Mentally Ill Man Who Dragged Woman Around Bookie Shop Gets Suspended Sentence - A man with physical and mental issues who dragged a woman around a bookmaking shop by her coat has received a suspended prison sentence.

John Gotti Biopic Won't be Filmed in NYC But Rather Cincinnati? Production of “The Life and Death of John Gotti,” which stars John Travolta, is finally underway after years of false starts. The big-screen biopic is being produced by Beverly Hills-based production company Emmett/Furla Oasis Films, in association with Fiore Films.  It won’t be filming in the borough of Queens where Gatti lived but rather…..Cincinnati.

Graduate Students Arrested as Baseball Gambling Probe Widens - As the trial for a former Yomiuri Giants pitcher accused of illegal gambling gets underway, Tokyo Metropolitan Police on Tuesday made two more arrests in the case, which may include ties to organized crime, reports Nippon News Network (July 12).

Gambling Addict Who Stole £1.7m From Her Firm Gets Four Years Prison Time - Tracey Stevenson, 52, transferred money into her own account, made out false cheques to herself and her husband, and altered company records to conceal the fraud.  Shockingly, instead of losing all the monies to gambling, she ended up winning £1.6million and another £250,000.

Gambling Dispute Leads to Murder - A Union Springs, Alabama man has been fatally shot following a Saturday morning dispute over gambling.  Police Chief Danny Jackson told WSFA the shooting occurred at 3 a.m. in the area of Highway 82 and Peachburg Road. Mario Martin was pronounced dead at the scene. Johnny Womack Jr., was taken into custody for questioning. It was not immediately clear as to whether any charges were brought against the shooter.

Mobster Pleads Not Guilty in 1993 Murder of Massachusetts Nightclub Owner - A veteran Rhode Island mobster was arraigned in a federal courtroom in Boston Thursday on charges related to the 1993 murder of a Massachusetts businessman.  Robert “Bobby” DeLuca, who was arrested in Florida two weeks ago, pleaded not guilty to one count of obstruction of justice and two counts of making false statements. The charges are connected to the murder of Boston nightclub owner Steven DiSarro, whose body was found buried in Providence in March.  More on This Story Here

Pimps Using Bookmaking Shops to ‘Clean’ Money - Irish Senator Gerard Craughwell says criminals, including pimps, are using large gambling institutions as banks.  “I have anecdotal evidence of pimps who bring tens of thousands of euro to betting shops or bookies and request that it be divided equally across all races or gambling activities on that day,’’ he said.  “In this way, they clean their money.’’

- Jagajeet Chiba, Nagesh Rath Reporting

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