Philadelphia Eagles New NFC Favorites 2022-23

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Following a statement win against the Washington Commanders in Week 3, the Philadelphia Eagles are the new favorites to win the NFC Championship in 2023.


DeVonta Smith caught eight passes from Jalen Hurts for a career-high 169 yards and a touchdown, leading the Eagles to a lopsided 24-8 victory.

The 2020 Heisman Trophy winner out of Alabama amassed 156 yards prior to halftime, the most by an Eagles player in a half since Kevin Curtis in 2007.

Hurts, meanwhile, was 22 of 35 for 340 yards and three touchdown passes, one each to Smith, A.J. Brown and Dallas Goedert.

Former Eagles quarterback Carson Wentz, the second pick of the 2016 draft to Philadephia, was mostly ineffective for the Commanders.  Wentz was 25 of 43 for 211 yards with two fumbles — one lost.

The Eagles odds to win the NFC Championship and Super Bowl shifted following their Week 3 game as the team remains undefeated.

Super Bowl: 12-1 to 9-1

NFC: 6-1 to 7-2 (+350)

Division: -170 to -375

The Bucs, Packers, Rams or 49ers had previously dominated the top of the NFC Championship odds board.

Philadelphia wasn't the only team making waves following just three weeks of play.

Prior to this past week, the Detroit Lions hadn't been favored in a game in exactly 673 days.  The last time they were favorites you'd have to go all the way back to November 22, 2020.

The Lions are one of three teams (Atlanta, Miami) to cover the spread in all three of their games this season, and they are whopping 6.5-point favorites against Washington in Week 4.  The Commanders are the last team Detroit was actually favored against.

And the New England Patriots odds have gotten much longer following this past weekend's injury to Mac Jones during the last play of the game against Baltimore.  Jones suffered a high ankle sprain and is expected to be out at least four weeks.

New England is currently a 10-point underdog at Green Bay in Week 4 (spread opened at -9). If Jones were playing, the spread would be -7.


Super Bowl: 55-1 to 75-1

AFC: 28-1 to 40-1

Division: 8-1 to 25-1
NFL Futures Odds 2022-23

Elsewhere, the Miami Dolphins now had the third shortest odds of winning the AFC Championship at 7-1.  Buffalo, the team they beat in Week 3, are still the favorites, followed by Kansas City.  The Chiefs also lost their Week 3 game.

Super Bowl LVII                                 

Buffalo Bills                             5-1      

Kansas City Chiefs                   8-1      

Philadelphia Eagles                 9-1      

Tampa Bay Buccaneers           9-1      

Green Bay Packers                  10-1    

Los Angeles Rams                   14-1    

Baltimore Ravens                    16-1    

Miami Dolphins                      16-1    

Los Angeles Chargers              20-1    

San Francisco 49ers                20-1    

Denver Broncos                      22-1    

Minnesota Vikings                  25-1    

Cincinnati Bengals                  28-1    

Indianapolis Colts                   33-1    

Dallas Cowboys                       45-1    

Cleveland Browns                   50-1    

Arizona Cardinals                    66-1    

Jacksonville Jaguars                66-1    

New Orleans Saints                 66-1    

New York Giants                     66-1    

Tennessee Titans                    66-1    

New England Patriots             75-1    

Las Vegas Raiders                   80-1    

Detroit Lions                           100-1  

Pittsburgh Steelers                 125-1  

Carolina Panthers                   150-1  

Washington Commanders      150-1  

Chicago Bears                         200-1  

New York Jets                         250-1  

Atlanta Falcons                       300-1  

Seattle Seahawks                    400-1  

Houston Texans                      500-1                              


Philadelphia Eagles                 7-2       (+350)

Green Bay Packers                  4-1      

Tampa Bay Buccaneers           4-1      

Los Angeles Rams                   6-1      

Minnesota Vikings                  9-1      

San Francisco 49ers                10-1    

Dallas Cowboys                       22-1    

Arizona Cardinals                    28-1    

New Orleans Saints                 28-1    

New York Giants                     33-1    

Detroit Lions                           55-1    

Washington Commanders      66-1    

Carolina Panthers                   80-1    

Chicago Bears                         100-1  

Atlanta Falcons                       150-1  

Seattle Seahawks                    200-1                             


Buffalo Bills                             3-1      

Kansas City Chiefs                   4-1      

Miami Dolphins                      7-1      

Baltimore Ravens                    8-1      

Denver Broncos                      11-1    

Los Angeles Chargers              11-1    

Cincinnati Bengals                  14-1    

Indianapolis Colts                   16-1    

Cleveland Browns                   25-1    

Jacksonville Jaguars                33-1    

Tennessee Titans                    33-1    

Las Vegas Raiders                   40-1    

New England Patriots             40-1    

Pittsburgh Steelers                 66-1    

New York Jets                         125-1  

Houston Texans                      250-1                                 

AFC East                                 

Buffalo Bills                             -275    

Miami Dolphins                      +210   

New England Patriots             +2500

New York Jets                         +6600                           

AFC North                              

Baltimore Ravens                    -125    

Cincinnati Bengals                  +275   

Cleveland Browns                   +350   

Pittsburgh Steelers                 +1600                            

AFC South                              

Indianapolis Colts                   +110   

Jacksonville Jaguars                +200   

Tennessee Titans                    +275   

Houston Texans                      +3300                                   

AFC West                               

Kansas City Chiefs                   -110    

Denver Broncos                      +275   

Los Angeles Chargers              +285   

Las Vegas Raiders                   +1800                             

NFC East                                 

Philadelphia Eagles                 -375    

Dallas Cowboys                       +600   

New York Giants                     +600   

Washington Commanders      +2800                               

NFC North                              

Green Bay Packers                  -115    

Minnesota Vikings                  +155   

Detroit Lions                           +750   

Chicago Bears                         +1600                                   

NFC South                              

Tampa Bay Buccaneers           -375    

New Orleans Saints                 +550   

Carolina Panthers                   +850   

Atlanta Falcons                       +1800                                 

NFC West                               

Los Angeles Rams                   -150    

San Francisco 49ers                +175   

Arizona Cardinals                    +750   

Seattle Seahawks                    +4000

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- Don Shapiro, Gambling911.com

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