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These are the stories coming from the world of online gambling affiliates, public relations and webmasters, including the latest search engine and conference news for Monday June 21, 2021



Could the future of PR signal the end of brands?

Mark Macias, Forbes Councils Member, brings up an interesting concept this week that even he said was unthinkable not so long ago.

The founder of MACIAS PR, named 2017-2019 Strategic PR Firm of the Year and 2015-2017 Financial PR Firm of the Year, believes there will be no more brands in the future.

The process, he claims, has already begun.

"Outside of the consumer market, brands are already beginning to exist less, and if you don’t believe me, look at your own personal journey. When was the last time you were in a new neighborhood and needed to find a restaurant? You probably searched for "best restaurants near me" on your phone — and Google brought them to you. You didn’t have to remember the name of a restaurant chain; a search engine replaced your memory with an option.

"This evolution away from brands is even more pronounced in enterprise and B2B markets in my experience."

He points to his own experience in PR and getting pitched almost daily.

"You may think I'd know the names of all the biggest PR agencies out there, but I can only name a few without turning to Google. It’s probably the same in your industry even though you likely have hundreds of competitors."

Macias explains that there is no longer a necessity to remember brands as the search engines bring their products and services to you.

He adds that the key is using just the right search terms. 

"You don't need to wait months to build a brand or spend mountains of money on brand awareness. Instead, PR can help position your brand at the forefront of a search — right by the checkout line."

It's interesting to note that this technique is being utilized more and more by online gambling professionals.  It's not just the right keywords but also the right agencies, those that can get content pushed to the top page of Google.

Once you find the right agency, you'll want to pair your brand with search terms that new customers will use to find your product or service, Macias explains.

"I'm sure Starbucks and McDonalds will be brands my son knows when he gets older, but for every other budding competitor of the popular chains, I have good news: You're pretty much on equal footing with those big brands in the eyes of search engines. If they're not near you or on Google, the restaurant and coffee search is anyone's game."

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Gaming Summit North America

Gaming Summit North America virtual event kicks off Tuesday

The conference series is Gaming Americas’ flagship event in the Americas and was previously titled “Sports Betting & Casino Summit North America”, and complements the Gaming Americas Quarterly Meetups.

The conference will target compliance updates from the West Side and East Side of the US will feature the special ongoing series of talks with Chantal Cipriano about the Canadian gaming industry, and will also include discussions about Responsible Gaming, Fintech and investment tips from the top investors of the gaming industry in North America.

10:00 - 11:00 - (East Side) US Legislation Round-up
11:00 - 11:45 - The Gaming Gold Rush has to consider the implementation of Responsible Gaming measures
11:45 - 12:30 - The Canadian Gaming Industry Updates with Chantal Cipriano
12:30 - 13:15 - Focus on Yahoo Sports’ sports betting strategy in North America
13:15 - 14:15 - (West Side) US Legislation Round-up
14:15 - 15:00 - Innovative payment technologies and the regulators catch up
15:00 - 16:00 - M&A, Making of Unicorns and how VCs are reshaping the future of the sports betting industry

Learn More Here


GiG to relaunch Dutch affiliate sites when market opens

GiG (Gaming Innovation Group) has announced plans to launch two new affiliate sites in the Netherlands when the regulated Dutch market opens later this year. The technology supplier and media business will introduce Dutch language versions of online casino review sites and in October was a successful Dutch website until it was required to leave the market in 2017.

Indian Gaming Summit

Indian Gaming Summit kicks of June 29

The Indian gaming industry is growing at an exponential rate and is estimated to be worth $1.1 billion by 2021, according to a Google-KPMG report. The industry is expected to have more than 628 million gamers. This is largely attributed to the fact that almost 75% of India’s population is below 45 years and demonstrates increased internet penetration. In 2020, with the onset of the pandemic, the overall digital consumption has gone up substantially.

Online gaming industry was one of the few sectors which have seen an increase in media spends. With smartphones being ever so affordable, and with one of the cheapest data plans in the world, India has opened its arms wide for online gaming. The other factor that has contributed to this rise is localised content – building games in multiple regional languages and themes acclimatized to the taste of the local audience. This has resulted in a lot of home-grown players, who have blossomed to co-exist with established international players, to claim their share in this lucrative pie of the digital gaming industry. Gaming Summit aims to bring together major players in the Indian gaming industry, influencers, platform owners, publishers and brands to connect, share knowledge and discuss the opportunities and challenges in this lucrative industry.

The summit will consist of interesting web panel discussions, exclusive live fireside chats and engaging digital industry presentations.   Networking opportunity for solution and service providers with industry's top decision makers via digital exhibition and public live chats.


Instagram Reel ads are the new TikTok competitor; Monday's daily brief

Last week Instagram announced that Reels, its main competitor to TikTok's short-form video, will be rolling out ads globally. Tested initially in select markets, all countries will now have access to the 30-second ad format.


Norway’s Ministry of Culture has introduced a new Gambling Law, implementing tighter restrictions on unlicensed international betting companies operating in the country, as well as their affiliates.

“I am pleased to finally be able to present the new gambling law, which is a milestone in the government’s work to prevent gambling problems and ensure responsible gambling,” Abid Raja, Norweigan Minister of Culture and Gender Equality, remarked.

“We are tired of foreign gambling companies that do not respect Norwegian law, and that do not operate with proper accountability measures. Therefore, the new law provides the Norwegian Lotteries Authority with new tools for detecting, reacting to and sanctioning violations of the law. This includes, among other things, authority to impose infringement fines.”

The proposed changes will see the Norwegian government continue to strengthen its ‘zero tolerance’ approach on unlicensed gambling, protecting the state-owned monopolies of Norsk Tipping and Norsk Rikstoto.

SMX Convert

Attend SMX Convert for actionable tactics to boost conversions

SMX Convert's August 17 event promises a deep dive into organic and paid search conversion optimization that will equip you with the actionable tactics you need to drive search marketing success.

Paid search sessions will explore optimization strategies across the growing spectrum of search ad formats, from Shopping to Responsive Search Ads to Showcase Ads and more.

On the organic side, sessions will cover on-SERP elements like Featured Snippets, Image Packs, Map Packs, and People Also Ask — all of which can give your brand visibility far and above your competition.

After a few focused hours, you’ll be able to…

Identify target keywords to generate content that converts

Craft persuasive ad copy for every part of the customer journey

Design landing pages that compel visitors to take action

Boost organic visibility with SEO-friendly site navigation and CTAs

… and loads more. You’ll also…

Hear the latest from Google about user privacy, FLoC, and what that means for advertisers during the keynote discussion between Chetna Binda, Group Product Manager for Trust and Privacy at Google, and Search Engine Land’s Director of Content, Carolyn Lyden.


Ukraine regulator orders operators to remove illegal ads “as soon as possible”

Ukraine's Commission for the Regulation of Gambling and Lotteries (KRAIL) has warned operators about illegal advertising, and threatened to prosecute offenders if they do not remove these ads “as soon as possible”.

“In the process of performing tasks assigned to KRAIL in accordance with the legislation, cases of gambing advertising in violation of the requirements of the current legislation of Ukraine were revealed,” the regulator said.

“KRAIL calls on the organizers of gambling to take immediate and comprehensive measures as soon as possible to stop violations of current legislation.”

“The main purpose of state policy in the field of organization and conduct of gambling is to create conditions to reduce social risks associated with their organization and conduct and ensure compliance by gambling organizers,” it said. 

“Violation of the legislation on the order of advertising of gambling organizers leads to a significant increase in social risks associated with the organization and conduct of gambling, which is unacceptable.”


- Gilbert Horowitz,


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