OK Sheriffs Embroiled in Embezzlement, Sexual Assault and Illegal Gambling

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JAY, Oklahoma – (Associated Press) - This year, at least five Oklahoma sheriffs have found themselves crossways with the law, but they are not unique.

In the past decade, at least eight more sheriffs or their top deputies have been charged with embezzlement, sexual assault and illegal gambling, among other crimes.

Their missteps have the potential to threaten taxpayers' budgets as counties pay millions of dollars defending lawsuits and reach seven and eight-figure settlements with victims.

Delaware County residents are already paying a higher sales tax to foot a $13.5 million settlement between the county and female inmates alleging sexual abuse in 2011. The debt isn't expected to be paid off until 2023.

Tulsa County taxpayers are shelling out hundreds of thousands of dollars so the county can fight civil and federal lawsuits against ex-Sheriff Stanley Glanz.

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