Offshore Bookmakers React to Supreme Court Decision on Sports Betting: BetDSI Says 'Mixed Bag'

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Gambling911.com had an opportunity to sit down with Scott Cooley of BetDSI.com to discuss Monday's landmark Supreme Court decision allowing states to offer legalized sports betting.   

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G911: How will this affect offshore gambling companies that cater to the U.S. market, including BetDSI.com.
Cooley: For online sportsbooks, the ruling is a mixed bag. Offshore books such as BetDSI that almost exclusively cater to U.S. clientele will always have a place in the industry because there will always be a sector of gamblers that wish to remain anonymous and/or shop for the best odds. Certainly, more and more bettors will gravitate toward the local books, but in the interim, sports fans looking to get involved immediately will turn to the web. 
G911:  Do you believe legalized sports betting across the US will result in more sports bettors and potentially increased demand across the board (including with offshore companies like yours). 
Cooley: Absolutely the ruling will increase the number of sports bettors in America, exponentially. The demand will increase, and as alluded to above, this should equate to an immediate growth for established books such as BetDSI.  
G911: How will a company like BetDSI look to compete?  Isn't it doubtful that LIVE IN-PLAY WAGERING will become legal any time soon in the US?  What about bonuses and other options the US State licensed books may not be able to offer. 
Cooley: There are plenty of tricks up the book's sleeve. Even Las Vegas, which has been a longtime destination for sports bettors, can't offer certain odds that BetDSI can. Live wagering, a multitude of props, bonus incentives, reduced juice etc. will always be attractive enough to some, and available offshore. 
G911: What are some disadvantages to playing with a licensed US book compared to the offshores?  (i.e. have to provide social security number, tax reporting, etc..)
Cooley: The anonymity will be a disadvantage to some. The ability to line shop a disadvantage to others. And of course the proposed taxes and fees from the States will scare of some of the more serious gamblers.
- Chris Costigan, Gambling911.com Publisher

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