No Verification Casinos are the New Hype Among Bettors from USA – Casino Robots shares why?

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The COVID-19 pandemic saw governments around the globe issuing lockdowns and stay-at-home orders for the citizenry. As a result of the pandemic, many brick-and-mortar casinos closed in the wake of the ban on mass gatherings.

A year after the formal announcement of the pandemic by the World Health Organization, COVID-19 continues to cause outbreaks. As a result, what was “two weeks to stop the spread” turned into a year of rolling lockdowns and government tyranny.

Casinos remained closed, and the Las Vegas strip is a ghost town. In the wake of these closures, more Americans started gambling online to get their gaming fix. Online casinos without KYC are becoming a popular online venue for Americans seeking some gambling entertainment.

Why are American gamblers flocking to these gaming venues? Let’s unpack some of the advantages that are boosting the hype.


No KYC or Identity Checks

With no verification casinos, you don’t have to issue the site with your Know-Your-Customer (KYC) documents. Typically, most casinos require you to send them a copy of your photo ID, and some also request a copy of your proof of address.

No verification casinos don’t require any of this information for you to start playing. You make your deposit, play, withdraw your winnings – all without ever sending the casino any KYC documentation.

Remaining anonymous online is a big deal, especially if you’re an American citizen. The taxman wants a cut of your winnings, and KYC policies give the authorities a way to track your winnings and your tax obligation.

Using a no verification casino, there’s no way the IRS can identify where you were playing, how much you won, and how you got paid out.


No Need to Leave Your Credit Card Details

Credit card fraud is a big deal in the United States. Research shows that fraud accounted for over $17-billion in consumer and institutional losses in 2019. Most of this fraud occurs using credit cards. If hackers get hold of your credit card number and CCV, they can use it to finance an online spending spree, leaving you with the bill.

However, no verification casinos offer you a range of payment methods to make your deposit or withdrawal. Using pay cards, gift cards, cryptocurrency, or e-wallets to receive payments keeps the taxman out of your affairs and hackers away from your credit card.


Stay Anonymous

One of the biggest benefits of playing with a no verification casino is the ability to stay anonymous. Privacy is a huge deal online, and experienced hackers using casino platforms can expose your IP address and personal information.

If you end up using a credit card on one of these platforms to fund your account, it could end in disaster. If hackers get your IP address, they can use it to uncover your physical address. Combined with your credit card number, the hacker has everything they need to commit fraud on your account or sell your info on the dark web for a profit.

Fortunately, no verification casinos allow you to connect and play using a virtual private network (VPN). When you want to play a few games at the tables or slots, you’ll turn on your VPN and navigate to the site.

The VPN encrypts your data, preventing hackers from seeing your real IP address. They also can’t see the data moving through the encrypted tunnel. As a result, you remain “invisible” online to threats from hackers and bad actors.


Wide Range of Games

No verification casinos offer you just as much selection as other online casinos when it comes to games. The best no verification casinos have all the casino classics available to play, including slots, poker, blackjack, and more. Review the range of games on offer before you start playing online.

Make sure that the no verification casino has an online gaming platform. With mobile-friendly templates, you get the same gaming experience on your phone as you do on your desktop or laptop.


Stop Uncle Sam Spying on Your Gambling Activities

With a no verification casino, you don’t have to hand over personal information. Some casinos don’t even require you to fund your account with a credit or debit card. Using alternative payment methods like crypto, you can circumvent Uncle Sam’s involvement in your financial affairs.


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