Mobster Wanted to Wait Until After Super Bowl to Turn Himself In

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  • Anthony “The Kid” Camisa was one of 46 charged last August as part of East Coast mobster syndicate
  • Gang was charged with extortion, gambling, gun-running and violent act of retribution, among other charges
  • Camisa attorney told judge his client wanted to surrender after Super Bowl so that he could continue running gambling business during biggest sporting event of year
  • Judge denies Camisa bail

A suspected mobster on the run from police was hoping to turn himself in….after the Super Bowl this coming Sunday.

Anthony “The Kid” Camisa was one of 46 charged last August as part of the East Coast mobster syndicate.  Charges against various members included extortion, gambling, gun-running, violent acts of retribution, loan-sharking and more.  Camisa was one of only three still on the lam.

The Enterprise charged in the Indictment is composed of leaders, members, and associates of the Genovese, Gambino, Luchese, Bonanno, and Philadelphia Crime Families of LCN, who worked together and coordinated with each other to engage in a multitude of criminal activities throughout the East Coast of the United States, including in Springfield, Massachusetts, the Bronx and Manhattan, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, and Southern Florida.

NYPD Commissioner William J. Bratton said last August:  “The charges applied today to these 46 individuals deal a significant blow to La Cosa Nostra, which the NYPD is committed to putting out of business.  As alleged, in typical mob fashion, the rackets ran from Springfield to South Florida and left no scheme behind. These mobsters seemed to use every scheme known to us, from arson, to shake-downs, violence, health care fraud, and even untaxed cigarettes to keep the racket going.  I want to thank my friends Preet Bharara and Diego Rodriguez for their work at the Justice Department and FBI for making today’s case possible and their collaborative efforts during my tenure as Commissioner of the NYPD.”

Camisa was nabbed last month.  Prosecutors want him to remain behind bars, claiming Camisa to be a flight risk.

His lawyer claimed that the alleged mobster remained on the lam for “practical reasons” rather than criminal.

Attorney Gerald McMahon claimed his client wanted to be available for a major Super Bowl sports betting event.

“Your Honor knows that the Government claims my client has a gambling business,” McMahon told the Court.  “Without being indelicate, I think it is fair that my client expressed to me that he wished to surrender after the Super Bowl.”

McMahon continued: “Judge, I told you what the reality is.  The reality is he is going to come in after the Super Bowl.  If we accept the government’s allegations for purposes of this bail hearing that he is a gambler, there is a practical reason to why someone would wait until after the Super Bowl to surrender.”

A perplexed prosecutor, Amanda Kramer, responded to McMahon’s assertion.

“I don’t know that I have ever heard a defendant even propose as an explanation that he wanted to stay out of jail so that he could continue to commit the very crimes that he is charged,” she said.

Manhattan Federal Judge Richard Sullivan ultimately denied Camisa bail, saying he lacks judgment and demonstrates “impulsivity and immaturity”.

- Jagajeet Chiba, Gambling911.com

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