Massachusetts gambling legislation coming this March, how can you prepare?

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Although Massachusetts has not yet legalized online gambling, momentum is growing. 


There have been instances in which MA has already shown it is favorable to certain forms of wagering. For instance, horse racing and dog racing have both been legal for a significant period of time. A long time ago, in 1934, the state approved pari-mutuel betting. The state lottery began operation in 1972, but significant legislative advancement did not occur until 2011. 


Commercial casinos now have a legal foundation thanks to the Expanded Gaming Act, which also formed a commission to oversee the new sector. Currently, there are two casinos with licenses and one casino with just slots.

Current Legislation in Massachusetts

According to current legislation, Massachusetts cannot operate online casinos that feature real money slots and table games. It will take another legislative session before there is a chance to approve legislation authorizing internet casinos. Many business gurus predicted that the legalization of online sports betting would pave the way for the establishment of online casinos and poker.


Although no precise date has been determined as of yet, mobile betting will not be available until March, after the start of in-person betting in January. Due to different requirements for monitoring, the Massachusetts Gaming Commission (MGC), which was tasked with creating a brand-new sports betting regulatory system from start, chose to debut the two at different times. The purpose of MGC's debut dates was to make it possible for locals to wager on the next competitions, which start in March.



Finally, it looks like Massachusetts will soon allow legal sports betting. On August 1, 2022, early in the morning, Massachusetts legislators approved a sports betting measure after years of debate, negotiation, advancement, and ultimately setbacks.

Where are we in the process?

The measure approves legal sports betting in the state for both retail and online markets. It advocates for a 20% tax rate and offers space for many possible licenses. Less than two weeks later, Governor Charlie Baker's signature made this legally binding. In 2022, Massachusetts joined the other states in making sports betting a legal activity. The beginning of 2023 is when it plans to begin offering retail and online sports betting.


The Massachusetts Gambling Commission has only issued one sports betting license thus far in advance of the start of operations in early 2023. In 2023, a few sportsbooks will undoubtedly open in Massachusetts, with Caesars being the next-most probable candidate given that commissioners will vote this week on whether to grant them a license. More Sportsbooks are anticipated to open in the State prior to the commencement of sports betting in Massachusetts in the not-too-distant future.


After state lawmakers came to a consensus on sports betting, there are still a few steps to be taken before you can pull out your phone and legally place a wager in the state. The Massachusetts Gaming Commission will have to get together and create its official guidelines now that the bill has been signed into law. Potential internet sportsbooks will need to submit applications, and they will need to conduct background checks.


Although the Gaming Commission has stated that they are prepared to begin, it will still take time. Although it was a challenge, some states were able to implement new laws before the start of the football season. With Massachusetts online gambling and sports betting going live in March, there will be the availability of trusted sites to utilize by bettors in this state. In this regard, they will be able to make use of the various incentives including some Massachusetts sports betting promos, among others. 

How can you prepare for the launch of gambling in the state?

Similar to gambling at one of the state's casinos, sports betting in Massachusetts requires that you be at least 21 years old. Most collegiate and professional sports are acceptable targets. The Super Bowl and NFL, the NBA, MLB, NHL, and all other sports are included in this.


In contrast, it is still illegal to wager on high school and youth sports. In-state college teams cannot be bet on, unless they are competing in a tournament, according to one rule in college athletics. For instance, all Boston College basketball games during the regular season are off-limits, at least for wagers placed in Massachusetts. On the other hand, you can wager on the team if it is competing in March Madness or its conference tournament. Unless a Massachusetts college football school is playing in the four-team playoff bowl, you also would not be able to wager on that game.

How do you bet on Massachusetts Sportsbooks when gambling goes live?

Choose a Bookmaker

Reading reviews of betting sites from reliable sources is a necessary step in selecting a Massachusetts sportsbook. These suggestions hold true for the top bonuses, betting options, and bet types. We also suggest that once sports betting is permitted in Massachusetts, new players in particular read the small print.


Make Registration

Before beginning an online sports betting transaction using a sportsbook app in Massachusetts, you will be required to submit contact information and personal information, including your phone number and address. Massachusetts will soon start to accept mobile betting.

Utilize Bonuses

The platforms used nowadays for mobile sports betting provide considerable benefits, particularly sign-up or welcome bonuses. Risk-free bets, match bonuses on deposits, and no-deposit bonuses are some of the most popular sportsbook sign-up incentives. Prior to accepting any offer, make sure you have read the terms attached to it.

Fund your Account

Before placing a wager, your sportsbook account must be funded. Players can fund their accounts with Massachusetts sportsbooks in a number of different ways. It is certain that ACH transfers and online payment methods like PayPal will be accepted. However, deposits made with credit cards will not be accepted.

Pick your betting method/strategy

All popular bet kinds should be available to sports bettors once legal Massachusetts sports betting is available in the Bay State. Moneylines, Over/Unders (totals), point spreads, parlays, teasers, futures, live bets, and more are likely to be available.

Place Wagers

There are differences across Massachusetts betting sites, especially in terms of the betting lines that are offered. Shopping around for the greatest deal is essential because some are more desirable than others. You can get the best lines and bigger bonuses by studying.

Take out your Winnings

The quickness with which you can collect your earnings is the only thing that can match the size of the wins. In connection with that, depending on your chosen withdrawal method or the transactions you do with the sportsbook, you can be charged fees. Review the relevant terms and conditions before making a choice.


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