Mass Mess: 'Biggest F You I've Seen to a Regulator From a Licensee in 20 Years'

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C Costigan
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Massachusetts regulators were given the finger in recent days after 10 sportsbook operators declined to participate in a roundtable discussion about limiting players.  Now some industry pundits are left wondering why the commonwealth doesn't just yank their licenses. 


Robert Linnehan of XL Media:

"As expecting, the Massachusetts Gaming Commission released correspondence from the sports betting operators that declined to participate in today's roundtable on limiting bettors.  Most said if they participated they'd be divulging proprietary or trade secrets."

David Payne of ESPN:

"Longtime betting industry consultant on decision of 10 sportsbooks operators not to participate in a roundtable discussion with the Massachusetts Gaming Commission on the practice of limiting bettors:  "Honestly, it's the biggest 'F U' I've seen to a regulator from a licensee in 20 years'."

Journalist Matt Soleyn responded: "The State should revoke licenses for any operator who refuses to be accountable to the public, but the State should also pass a law that sportsbooks cannot place lower limits on individual bettors or terminate accounts of people who 'beat' the book and win."

DraftKings, which is headquartered in the commonwealth, issued a statement regarding its decision not to take part.

"After careful consideration, DraftKings decided not to participate in the Massachusetts Gaming Commission roundtable regarding wagering limits, because among other things, any meaningful discussion about wagering limits would necessarily involve the disclosure of DraftKings' confidential risk management practices and other commercially sensitive business information.  DraftKings looks forward to working with The Commission to explore alternative ways to contribute to this discussion, while preserving the confidentiality of that information." 

One gambler on Twitter may have uncovered this tightly guarded trade secret.

Chase Dawg tweeted: "Draftkings really raised my limits on boosts and promos while I'm on a cold streak. The gambling industry really is predatory lmao."


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