The Main Variations of Bingo

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Bingo has been around for centuries, evolving from an Italian lottery in the 16th century to a modern, online game. Yet as its popularity has increased, so have the many variations. This means as a new player, there are a host of options available. Below, we discuss the main types of bingo.  

Main Game 

Before trying any of the different types, you may wish to get a handle on the basic game. A great way to get used to this is to try playing online. It is convenient, so it can fit easily into your schedule. You do not even have to break into your budget either, as many online providers have free bingo play. While you will not win the big cash prizes, it can get you used to the basic game. From here, you may wish to make a deposit and tackle larger numbers of cards or some of the many variations.  

Main games get played with 75, 80, or 90 balls though the principle remains the same in each. You have a card with numbers printed on it. Bingo numbers are selected from a machine or a random number generator. If you have the corresponding number on your card, you cross it off. Wins are accumulated when you cross a certain amount or pattern of numbers from the card. 

One Line Win – When the player marks off a horizontal line on their card 

Two Line WinPlayers mark off two horizontal lines on their card 

Bingo/Full House – This is when all the numbers are marked off on a card. This produces the largest win.  

Speed Bingo 


Speed bingo is more commonly found online. It only uses 30 balls and gets played out on a 3 x 3 grid giving the players nine numbers in total. This makes it very fast, so you can get many games into the same time frame as a standard game.  

One of the major differences is that speed bingo only has one winner. When playing larger games, one person can win a line prize, a different person to win a two-line prize and another takes the whole jackpot. These games have smaller totals so they only pay out to one winner.  



For anyone who enjoys both slot games and bingo, then Slingo is a great hybrid of both. Invented by a New York real estate developer in 1994, like bingo, you begin with a card that has numbers on it. Underneath this are reels, much like a slot game. You have 20 turns to spin these reels which produce numbers, that a player must mark off their card.  

As numbers get marked off, the player accumulates points. They get 200 for marking a number, 1000 points for covering rows, and such forth. Lots of special symbols also appear to add extra features. Gold coins produce 1000 points, or devils may appear to halve the player's score.  

There are a few more variations that you may find in your local bingo hall or online. 

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