Lufthansa Heist Suspect, John Gotti Grandson Busted in Latest Mob Takedown

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A Bonanno capo cleared in the 1978 heist of Lufthansa Airlines and the grandson of John Gotti have been busted as part of newly-unsealed Brooklyn Federal Court indictments.

A jury acquitted Mafia veteran Vinnie Asaro, 81, in the $6 million JFK Airport robbery immortalized in the mob movie classic “Goodfellas.” 

John Gotti, 23, was sentenced to eight years in prison on a pair of Queens drug arrests last month.  

With the latest indictment, both men have also been charged with arson while Gotti faces charges in a Queens bank robbery.   Five other mobsters have been named in the indictment and taken into custody.

The arson dates to 2012 in Howard Beach, authorities said.

The Lufthansa heist was a robbery at John F. Kennedy International Airport with an estimated $5.875 million ($21.6 million today) stolen.  At the time, this was considered the largest cash robbery committed on American soil.

All of those charged are expected to be arraigned in federal court in Brooklyn later Wednesday.


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