Latest 2020 Gambling Trend Explained: Pay N Play Casinos

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There are plenty of gimmicks in the online gambling world. Casino operators will proudly advertise their latest innovation, which usually turns out to be a re-skinned slot game or repurposed promotion. 


But instead of rehashing the same ideas, Pay N Play breathes fresh new life into an otherwise stale online casino experience, and it's taking the industry by storm. 


What is Pay N Play? 

Players today want a seamless casino experience. Due to recent changes in laws and regulations, customers have to go through a lengthy verification process, which typically causes frustration due to the high standards required. Coupled with the protracted registration process, it's not unheard of for players to wait days for their accounts to be verified and activated. 


Pay N Play's brand new concept aims to give players: 

  • A no registration experience - New customers don't need to create a new account or enter personal details. It's the first genuine casino without registration experience 

  • Real-time deposits - Because deposits are made directly from a customer's linked bank account, they're received instantly, allowing for a much shorter starting process 

  • Automatic KYC - The entire verification process occurs in the background via a secure channel

  • Instant withdrawals - Cashouts are sent to the linked bank account instantly. Eliminating the need for lengthy casino withdrawal processing times 


How Does Pay N Pay Work?

Pay N Play was developed by Trustly, a popular online banking method that allows customers to gamble online without the need to register an account. 


If you're familiar with iDeal or Sofort, it's very similar, but Pay N Pay takes it one step further, which results in a genuine seamless casino experience. 


Instead of having to register an account from scratch, customers can simply log in using their bankID. The casino has access through a secure communication channel to automatically verify their details, removing the need for the time-consuming KYC process. 


And they won't need to worry about logging out and losing their casino balance. All of their balance information is now linked to their bankID, so they can jump in and out whenever they feel like it. And all of their casino balance, loyalty points, and more are stored for next time. 


As you can see, the Pay N Play setup is designed to save players and casino operators time and resources by removing the need for long verification processes and registration forms, which will benefit both parties. 


Pay N Play at Go Slotty Online Casino 

Go Slotty Casino is one of the latest Pay N Play casinos to open its doors to the public. Owned by Max Entertainment, it's been built from the ground up to provide the best online casino experience in the world. 


CEO of Max Entertainment Greg Bennet explained how, by partnering up with Trustly, they're able to provide players a service that can cater to their desires. He went on to describe how they're focused on fairness towards customers, providing friendly faces players can chat with, and fast deposits and withdrawals. And it's all packaged in a brand-new online casino website that's optimized for mobile gameplay. 


New customers walking through Go Slotty's doors will find that there's no registration process or extensive KYC checks required. By using Pay N Play, all they need is their bankID and a desktop computer, Android, or iOS device. 


Is Pay N Play the Future of Online Gambling?

Currently, Pay N Play casinos are available in a few countries in Europe, such as Finland, Sweden, and Germany. While Pay N Play casinos are considerably more convenient for both players and casino operators, it remains to be seen whether the UK Gambling Commission will allow them to operate under their strict regulations. 


At the moment, zero casinos allow UK players to gamble without first registering an account. While casinos are continually working to shorten and streamline the process as much as possible, they can't compete with Pay N Play's current user journey, which allows players to start playing quickly and without manual verification. 


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