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The pandemic has revolutionized the online gambling industry. With the constraints imposed on people all over the world that keep them inside their homes at nearly all times, brick and mortar casinos are rendered obsolete. Research from Global Poker concluded that due to lockdown restrictions, the US has observed a boost of online poker novices by 255%. The change has been so drastic that some countries have revised their laws regarding online gambling, for instance, Belarus decriminalized online casinos.  

Free Mobile Roulette Game 

A study from The Business Research Company reports that the online gambling market revenue will predictably rise from $58.96 billion in 2019 to $92.86 billion in 2023. The expansion is at an impressive rate of 12.0%. Similarly, this is to be seen that in pandemic the free roulette mobile games are more in.  

Online Gaming Just a Click Away

The sharp slant towards the avant-garde owing to the pandemic has induced the gamblers to resort to their mobile devices. Some reasons for this transition are:

  • Mobile phones allow the convenience of playing wherever the urge strikes. 

  • Almost everyone has a mobile phone, but not everyone has a computer or other devices where they can play.  

  • With the increase in online gambling, several game developers have taken to developing a more mobile-friendly UI for online casinos modifying the previously popular landscape interface to a portrait one. This has resulted in a shift toward mobile games. 

  • Gamers don't have to turn on a computer when they have the comfort of gaming just a mobile phone away.

Online Roulette 

The mobile commotion has given way to many online games, roulette being one of them. Online roulette is moderately recent in the gaming industry, but its evolution has led gamers to play with convenience. This was made possible first through the emergence of "instant play" casinos, and secondly through it being made available on mobile devices. 

Gambling online used to be grueling because online games could only be played by first installing a casino client on the computer. Playing became a chore when gamers were suddenly inflicted with a desire to play somewhere where they didn't have the access to their computer. Nevertheless, game developers found a solution to this problem in the form of Flash-based casinos. Now gamers don't need to install software to access games. Flash-based casinos offer an instant culmination of the sudden urge to play gambling games by being directly available on the respective casino website. 

Mobile Roulette 


Game developers have taken the ease of playing online one step further by making mobile-friendly roulette. The latest portrait layout of online gambling games has made playing on phones as well as on tablets and other mobile devices incredibly smooth. Let us look at several advantages of mobile roulette that makes it a much more convenient way to play than accessing it through the desktop.

Advantages of Mobile Roulette

  • The ease of playing a few rounds of roulette cannot be found elsewhere. Whichever the situation may be, you almost always have a mobile phone on you, you just need access to the Internet, and voilà, thousands of games at your fingertips.  

  • Playing on a phone is also quite easy, the only thing you need to do is to register to an online casino site, and you're good to go. Many casino sites have made it even easier by making the games accessible without any registration.

  • Gambling is now legalized in many states but it is still frowned upon. If you are caught playing gambling games by your coworkers at the office or by your friends at their house, chances are this activity won't be viewed in a positive light. So playing roulette or other gambling games on your phone is your best bet (pun intended). You won't have to worry about your privacy because the phone screen is too small to allow people to peer at your activity without being noticed.

  • Even at the convenience of your home, it is far safer to play roulette in mobile devices rather than on a computer. Some casino games on the computer require installing a casino client before playing. Having that software on your computer calls for explanation. Also, even if the casino site requires no software installation, you will have to bother with cleaning browsing history every time you play on the computer. You won't have to deal with inquisitive kids or family members when you play on the phone.

  • With the latest developments in technology, more and more games are being made compatible with mobile phone devices with several operating systems. Casino games are not restricted to some specific mobile devices, you can play roulette or other gambling game whether you have an Android, iPhone, BlackBerry, or any other device.

  • Online roulette has an edge over land-based roulette by offering an option of zooming in to get a close-up of the wheel. This is especially good for amateurs. But playing on a computer or laptop is inconvenient, so this is where mobile tablets come in handy as they offer the same features of online casinos while being portable.

  • The functions of undo/redo are a stroke of brilliance in game design. However, if you place a bet at a live casino, you can't undo it, but mobile roulette provides this option.

  • The visuals and other functions like the background music, the sharp neon lights, the dealer's voice, etc

in mobile roulettes or other casino games generate an experience similar to live casinos. But if you want the introvert's way, you can turn off the music and the voice of the dealer, and lower the brightness of your mobile device to get a more relaxing experience. This switch isn't available in land-based casinos.

  • Mobile casinos also offer free gameplay which is especially helpful in trying out new games to find the ones perfect for you. Likewise, roulette mobile games have become an incentive for the sudden surge in online gamblers during the pandemic.


Playing roulette, or any other gambling game for that matter, on a mobile phone is more convenient than playing elsewhere

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