Internet Gambling Prohibition RAWA Could be Inserted in Spending Bill

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Casino magnate and GOP mega donor Sheldon Adelson has been pushing for online gambling prohibition for the last few years and now he may have an opportunity to get legislation passed despite a large chunk of Republicans and Democrats alike not enamored with such a measure. 

From the Daily Caller:

Just one day after Adelson pledged $20 million to the Senate Leadership Fund, a Super PAC that supported Sen. Cotton as a candidate in 2014, Sen. Cotton introduced a new bill in the Senate, S.3376, that is strikingly similar to RAWA, and would likewise impose a federal ban on internet-based gambling on all states.

It’s funny how a day after Adelson pledges more money to Republican politicians, the senator he pledged the money to filed the internet gambling ban on his behalf. At a time when voters are demanding reform in government, money still buys politicians quite effectively.

The legislation is reportedly set to be inserted into a year-end spending bill in the lame-duck session within the next few weeks. Members of Congress think they can quietly slip measures like RAWA into those huge spending bills without the public noticing.

- Gilbert Horowitz, Gambling911.com

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