How to Use Green Zero in Roulette: Tips and Strategies

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Roulette remains one of the most famous classic games in the history of casinos. For many years, it has traveled around the world. There are several types of this game, but only two types of roulette wheels are the most popular - American and European. The difference between them largely depends on the use of green zero. Learn how to use green zero in the roulette with this guide. 

Green Zero in Roulette: What Is It? 

You can easily find green zero in the roulette because it is the only number with a different color. The remaining numbers have a red and black background. Green Zero adds more excitement to roulette because it tends to be riskier. Besides, it also increases the house edge, which can be also eliminated by the newest casino bonuses available on modern platforms.


If you want to know the details of how to use green zero in roulette, it is important to know its two types: single (0) and double (00). European wheels use a single one, and American wheels use a single and double green zero. Therefore, European wheels have only 37 digits. American wheels have two green zeros in roulette, so they have 38 numbers in total. Consequently, the European version has an advantage of 2.63% compared to 5.26% of the American one. For this reason, most players prefer the European version because it gives them a better chance of winning. However, knowing how to use 0 and 00 in American roulette can also be beneficial.

How to Use Green Zero?

In American roulette, you have more betting options because it contains two green zeros. It allows you to bet on a single or double green zero, or both. You have a coefficient of 37:1 if you decide to bet on one of them. When it comes to the benefits of 0 in European roulette, there are two rules you can apply:

     1) La Partage

La Partage returns half of your bet if you hit the green zero in the wheel. If there is zero in the playing field with this rule, bets placed on equal chances lose. But the casino does not take them in full but returns half to players. This happens automatically and does not require a player’s intervention. Therefore, if you play this roulette at such rates, the house edge is halved (1.35%).

     2)En Prison

This rule works under a slightly different principle and is more complex: when zero is hit, the dealer places special markers on all even-odd bets. Thus, the dealer leaves them “in prison” for the next spin. It turns out that the player makes the same bet again, but if it wins, no payment is made, and the client only gets one’s bet back.


In Conclusion

This guide gives you an idea of ​​the importance of green zero in this classic game. You can play American and European roulettes to see which one gives you a better chance of winning. After all, roulette is a gambling game based on chance.

- Payton O'Brien, Gambling911.com

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