How to Fund Your Online Casino Account in Finland (2024 - 2025)

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The single most critical part of any online casino operation is the ability to receive funds on deposits and payout fast.  In this article we explore the popular means of transferring funds to and from an online casino in Finland currently available in 2024 and likely - barring any unforeseen circumstances - still available through the year 2025.

Credit Cards

Visa and Visa Electron (debit), MasterCard and Maestro tend to be readily available at the majority of online casinos in Finland.


More and more Finland online casino customers are growing accustomed to the zimpler kokemuksia (in English this translates to "Zimpler experiences").

Zimpler is a Swedish payment system. It was founded in 2012 in Gothenburg.

When making a deposit, the customer will select his or her bank (which must be based out of Finland).  A list of these banks appear below with additions possible as we move through 2025, so don't assume because your bank is not listed here you can't use Zimpler.

    Bank of land
    OP Pohjola
    Savings bank
    S Bank
    POP bank
    My SP
    Danske bank


Likewise, the list of Finland online casinos accepting this method should grow through 2024 and 2025.  As of June 2024, one of the few disadvantages of using Zimpler is the limited number of online casinos that use the platform.  We anticipate this to change quickly.

One of the great benefits of Zimpler is the zero fee associated with making a deposit.  A 20 euro deposit shows up as 20 euros in the individual's account.

Rarely does an online casino charge processing fees for money transfers, but some do even though Zimpler itself is free of charge.  This is something important to keep in mind.

Zimpler can also make withdrawals from the online casino provided the player used this method to make a deposit.

The need for other online banking credentials to use Zimpler are rare.  This payment method even offers a registration-free concept.


The Paysafecard has become an integral part of many online casino operations throughout Europe and is available in Finland.  The company is public and trades on the New York Stock Exchange (PSFE).  The Paysafecard is available for use at a number of US regulated online sportsbooks as well.

Paysafecard is a prepaid cash-based, online payment method based on vouchers with a 16-digit PIN code. What's great about the Paysafecard is that customers need not have a bank account, or even a credit card. vouchers can be used to fund online transactions without traditional banking ties.

Neteller, PayPal and Skrill

These are tried and true, reliable, popular payment intermediaries.  Typically payouts can occur within 24 hours on regular business days. While convenient and widely used, fees tend to be much higher than some of the other methods available.


Cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin

Cryptocurrency payments for betting online are typically associated with so-called "gray market" casinos and sportsbooks.  The reason behind this is that transfers are anonymous.  They also tend to be lightning fast.  In fact, payouts can take place on weekends, including Sundays.  Traditional banks will not credit the payment until the next business day however.

A major disadvantage of using cryptocurrencies can at times be a major advantage.  We're talking about the potential for extreme price fluctuations during the transfer process. encourages its readers to move funds immediately out of one's wallet to the cryptocurrency exchange where the digital currency such as bitcoin is converted to a fiat currency like the euro.  It typically takes between 45 minutes and sometimes a few hours for bitcoin to be confirmed by miners.  If the price of bitcoin drops, you could end up losing a portion of your funds.  For example, if you receive a Є1000 payout and the price of bitcoin drops 2 percent during the transfer period, you would lose Є20.  On the other hand, a price increase of 2 percent would mean you gain Є20.  Think of this process as gambling.

There are fees associated with cryptocurrencies like bitcoin as well as the exchange itself.

Of course none of this matters if Finland banks do not accept transfers from cryptocurrency exchanges.

The good news: It is legal in Finland to buy, sell and use cryptocurrency.


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