How does RNG in slots actually work?

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RNG (random number generator), as you know, is the heart and brain of any slot machine. While many gamers know that this is a computer chip that selects numbers at random, so far many of them do not really understand the principle of the random number generator. This article will discuss how RNG actually works, and if there is any chance, you can increase the winning reward.



The fact is that there is a certain microprocessor inside the slot, which is very similar to the one that is widely used in personal computers. However, instead of Excel or Word, a slot program called a random number generator is installed on it. It is designed to generate random numbers in accordance with the game chosen by the player. It is essential to know that it never stops generating numbers.


The range is enormous: from 0 to four billion possible combinations. The combination is already selected each time the button is pressed on the machine. The random number generator uses a mathematical algorithm that complies with the rules on the use of slot machines. However, for the average gamer, this algorithm is difficult to unravel, as well as the mechanism of the gaming machine as a whole.


What is the probability of winning?

It should be mentioned that people try to come up with various ideas to effectively determine the operation of RNG so that they can increase the win. This trend is visible and applied to many online casinos of various countries, mainly because people assume they can determine the operation of RNG. It is particularly prevalent in Canada as people try to obtain different bonuses and jackpots, including Canada jackpot slots various Canadian casinos offer to its customers. But it should be mentioned in gambling that only a specific point in time the game determines the result, and the final combination changes hundreds of times per second. There are no periods that would be more or less profitable. In the long run, the frequency of winnings and a certain percentage of payouts are programmed for all slots. In a very short period, an automatic machine can give out several large wins at once, or maybe a few days without giving anything at all. By playing faster or more, you won’t be able to increase your own chances of winning.


Principle of operation

The machines on the Reel type slot are known to have a certain number of places on each reel. Most old slots are known to have twenty images, while modern slot machines have a drum that contains twenty-two physical stops, i.e. images. Thus, the microprocessor of modern machines allows them to be able to accommodate many so-called virtual stops.


For example, you can imagine the work of the RNG by simplifying it. Thus, if there are only ten possible stops at each of the reels of the slot, then there can only be 1000 different combinations. To get this number, you need to multiply the number of characters on each reel: 10x100 = 1000. One thousand combinations count as a cycle. This term is introduced to confuse players somehow because they basically think that slot machines can have cycles of wins and losses. However, the odds of getting a particular combination are one in a thousand. In other words, playing 1000 times, you can see each of the combinations only once!


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