Hottest Trends and Topics Revealed for This Year’s Global Gaming Expo

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Gambling911.com has been provided with a breakdown of this year’s hot topics to be discussed at the upcoming Global Gaming Expo in Las Vegas.

The event will take place October 2-5 at the Sands Expo, the world’s premier international gaming trade show and conference presented by the American Gaming Association (AGA).

Sports Betting:

  • The Possible Repeal of PAPSA 
    “The most compelling current topic in gaming must be the attention being paid, at the U.S. national level, to the 25-year-old prohibition on sports betting, which has caused a near-monopoly for the state of Nevada. It is fascinating that the U.S. Supreme Court has chosen to consider the legal sanctity of the prohibition and whether it should be repealed or modified after such a long period of existence. Should the U.S. Supreme Court ultimately rule against striking the law, then it will be interesting to view whether the legislative branch gets involved on its own in the matter.” – Darren Heitner, Sports Business Law Professor at the University of Florida Levin College of Law 


  • The Future of Sports Betting if Legalized
    “Perhaps the most exciting aspect of 2018, with respect to sports betting legalization, is what comes next if New Jersey prevails at the Supreme Court. There are many questions about what legal sports betting outside of Nevada will look like. Will it resemble the sportsbooks of the Strip, or will there be an immediate push for online sports betting like the online casinos that exist in several other states?” – John Holden, Visiting Scholar at Florida State University’s Department of Sport Management


Skill Based Gaming and Esports: 

  • Gaining Millennial Interest with Skill-Based Games and Esports
    “One of the most compelling trends that I see is the convergence of skill-based gaming and esports. In a recent study I conducted of millennials, 40 percent of them said they would play slot machines if they included an element of skill. This was higher than any other age group in the study. Esports is capturing the attention of the generation raised on video games and technology and creating a whole new genre of entertainment. I am looking forward to seeing the latest developments in casino games at G2E that will hopefully capture the interest of this important generation.” – Jane Bokunewicz, Assistant Professor of Hospitality at Stockton University


  • Tech in Skill-Based Gaming and Esports
    “The latest trends in the industry surrounds the role tech plays in gaming, especially skill-based games. We’re seeing more manufacturers incorporating skill into new media such as mobile and digital broadcasting and utilizing new kinds of equipment. This year, we’ve also seen an increased interest in sports betting as AGA makes a push to repeal PASPA. Esports has also grown into an international phenomenon. Skill-based gaming and esports are really the core components of what’s exciting at G2E this year.” – Brett Abarbanel, Director of Research at the International Gaming Institute at UNLV


  • Monetization of Esports
    “The question, or in academic terms, the hypothesis I am presented with almost every week by industry professionals is, ‘how do you monetize esports?’ The entire industry is abuzz with statistics that surround this cultural social phenomenon of young people. But the operators are struggling to understand the economic model that will allow them to evolve the current entertainment to appeal to a younger core customer. It’s easy to see the big numbers that surround the esports paradigm, but the challenge is to make an economic model that is consistent with the profitability levels of the modern casino resort.” – Robert Rippee, Director, Hospitality Lab at the International Gaming Institute at UNLV


Gaming Legislation: 

  • Legislation and Technology-Based Gaming
    “In my view, the most interesting trends have to do with the changing legal status of newer, technology-based gaming. This include daily fantasy sports, online poker and casino games, and lottery. There seems to be a lot of uncertainty right now, because of how the federal government may change its perspective, how different states have been moving, how technology is enabling advances that we couldn't have imagined just a few years ago, and how entrepreneurs are developing new ways to provide gaming to consumers.” – Doug Walker, Professor of Economics, College of Charleston


  • The Legalization of Online Gaming
    “The greatest trend I’m seeing in the industry is the movement of online gaming companies from the shadows to working proactively with legislators to change the law. This will facilitate legitimate businesses and companies entering the marketplace. In the early days of gaming, large companies were staying away because they were concerned with following the law to the letter. Now they can enter the industry with greater legal certainty.” – Marc Edelman, Professor of Law at the Zicklin School of Business, Baruch College, City University of New York

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