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The year is full of different holidays and anniversaries.  Each of them you can celebrate with buying gifts for people you care about! And when you are choosing a gift for a loved one it is very important to take seriously all the hobbies and wishes that person has, even if they like to spend all the time in internet casino. You must consider not only the gender of your friend but also the special features of his personality, interests. After all, we make gifts to make our friends and loved one happy, not us! Live online casino games do not need so many items, but still there are a lot of different options for you.  

How can we bestow gamblers no matter if they prefer online casino live or Vegas? We have carefully studied this subject and made our short list for the readers.

Poker table

Every poker lover will be happy to receive as a gift a special table for this game: it is a lot nicer to play, sitting behind the professional table for poker than for conventional kitchen table. How much will cost this pleasure? In fact, the prices are different - from the tens of thousands (for a professional table) up to hundreds of dollars (for cardboard tablecloth markup).

When it comes to novice players, they will be fully satisfied with a small table for the poker with the value of about $ 250.  

Oh, and if you don’t want to pay for the table a lot of money, and know how to use tools, you can make it by yourself. It will be amazing and very unique present. And the gambler will always be thankful for that to you. You will have to buy wood and other materials, but it will be much cheaper than the whole table.


Plastic cards

Fans of poker and other card games are well aware that paper cards can very quickly become unfit for use, and they are very easy to mark. That is why a great gift for the players will be the cards made of plastic. They will serve player for a long time, and comparing to a lot of paper cards they cost much more - an average price is about $ 16. Your friend can use these cards much longer and practice before the game in live casino.


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