Gambling Aussies Losing $24b Per Year, F*** Artificial Intelligence and Poker

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Australian gambling losses hit an all-time high in 2017 after punters burned through nearly $24 billion in a year, mostly going towards poker machines.  The new government statistics demonstrate an increase of losses by 4.2 per cent nationally, roughly double the rate of inflation to reach $12 billion in 2015-16, while sports betting remained the fastest-growing form of gambling.  Source: Sydney Morning Herald

Artificial Intelligence No Need for Poker Community to Worry  -

TechCentral is claiming this week that Artificial Intelligence (AI for short) is no game-changer despite the fact that an AI has crippled top poker players in recent challenges.


Researchers are not much closer than they were decades ago to the big goal: actually replicating human intelligence. That’s the most surprising revelation by a team of eminent scholars who just released the first in what is meant to be a series of annual reports on the state of AI.

The report is a great opportunity to finally recognise that the current methods we now know as AI and deep learning do not qualify as “intelligent”. They are based on the “brute force” of computers and limited by the quantity and quality of available training data. Many experts agree.

Just last month poker pro Daniel Negreanu was signaling the end of the world with the AIs out to destroy humans

The AI systems are such one-trick ponies because they’re designed to be trained on specific, diverse, huge data sets. It could be argued that they still exist within philosopher John Searle’s “Chinese Room”, TechCentral notes.

Examples include near 100% accuracy in image recognition and near accuracy in parsing the structure of sentences.

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