G911 World Exclusive: Sports Handicapper Reveals Why Lawyer is Trying to Kill Him

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Beef goes back to October 2015 and a Halloween party gone awry

  • Sports handicapper forced to buy gun for protection after neighbor tries to run him down three times with his car
  • Capper Dale Stickel once hosted sports picks show with Chicago Bears great Jim McMahon
  • Stickel calls crazed disbarred attorney Robert Creem’s attempts to mow him down “clear premeditated murder”
  • Stickel claims Creem is a “pervert” who tried to lure neighborhood children into his home last Halloween by placing baskets of candy along local streets and lawns

A sports handicapper and radio talk show host tells Gambling 911 in an exclusive interview that he plans to buy a gun--and use it--if a neighbor who three times tried to kill him tries again.

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Dale Stickel, of Whitehall, Pa., a suburb of Allentown, is a veteran handicapper (www.acodds.us) who once served as oddsmaker for now-defunct offshore sportsbook English Sports Betting (ESB) and co-host along with former Chicago Bears quarterback Jim McMahon of the Las Vegas Sporting News (LVSN) syndicated radio show.

Originally from the Philadelphia area, Stickel is known in the trade as "Philly's Prince of Picks" or simply as the "Philly Prince."

In recent weeks, including again this week, a neighbor of Stickel's named Robert Creem has attempted to run Stickel over with his car in what looks to be a blatant attempt at premeditated murder.

Creem, a disbarred attorney, is now in prison, but can get out as soon as he raises bail.

Stickel is terrified.

"This guy (Creem) has tried to run me over three times," Stickel tells Gambling 911 in an exclusive interview. "When he gets out of prison, he'll probably try to do it again. But this time, I'll be ready for him."

Stickel, who doesn't own a gun, said he plans to purchase a handgun and also get a concealed weapons permit for it, so he can carry the gun legally with him at all times, in case Creem tries to run him down again.

"Three times Creem has come at me in his car and three times I have been able to jump out of the way just in time," Stickel said. "The next time he does, I'm going to take out my gun and shoot him, right through the windshield of his car. I hope I kill him."

Stickel says he's not worried about being arrested if indeed it does come down to a deadly confrontation with Creem, and he has to shoot--or kill--him.

"The guy's been arrested twice for trying to kill me," Stickel said of Creem. "The authorities will know I was just trying to defend myself, kill him before he kills me. They'd never arrest me, never charge me."

So just why is an attorney trying to kill one of America's best known and most beloved sports handicappers?

The beef goes back to Halloween, Stickel tells Gambling 911.

"Creem lives next door to me," Stickel said. "Last Halloween, he put out little baskets of candy all over the neighborhood for all the kids in the neighborhood, and invited them to a Halloween party at his home. It was really creepy, this old guy inviting all these kids over to his house. He's some kind of pervert.

"I have kids of my own, so I found this really disturbing," Stickel continued. "So I called the police. They came over and confiscated all the baskets, and talked to Creem, but didn't arrest him because he hadn't committed any crime. Ever since, Creem has had a problem with me."

Stickel also said Creem is angry at him because Creem was recently kicked out of a local strip club for causing a disturbance, and the bouncer who kicked Creem out is Stickel's son.

"Creem tried to steal money from a stripper," Stickel said. "He got caught and my son threw him out of the club. Creem got really angry about that."

For now, Creem remains in prison, trying to raise bail.

Stickel says the local district attorney has told him he will be notified if and when Creem makes bail, so Stickel can be on alert.

Creem has also been barred from his neighborhood by a judge's court order, but that's no guarantee he won't return and try to run Stickel over again.

So Stickel, who's never owned or even fired a weapon before, says he's getting prepared.

"If he comes at me again, I'll be ready for him," Stickel said. "And so will my gun."

By Tom Somach

Gambling 911 Staff Writer


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