Beloved Frugal Gambler Reported Dead at 84...IS ALIVE

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Nagesh Rath
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Intrepid reporter Thomas Somach was basting his turkey ahead of Thanksgiving when suddenly he received the sad news.  Jean Scott had died at the age of 84....or so he thought.

Somach was quick to report to the powers that be at G911.


"I just saw on her Facebook page that Jean Scott died," a somber Somach revealed.  "She was my friend on Facebook for many years.  Somebody sent a message out to all her friends that she had died."

Somach's reporter instinct immediately kicked into overdrive.

"There is nothing on Google about this.  We need to report on it right away and break the story.  She has a huge following."


Somach immediately put his turkey aside and rushed off to his PC to get started filing his report.

Scott is (or was) considered to be America's most renowned low roller.

The description of her book "The Frugal Gambler" reads:

She stays at hotel-casinos up to 120 nights a year and never has to pay for a room or meal. She gets shows, manicures, massages, clothes, jewelry, even gifts for her grandchildren -- all free. How does she do it? The answers are in The Frugal Gambler. Readers will learn the low-roller secrets for: staying free at hotel-casinos, beating casino promotions, eating and drinking on the house, playing, video poker for profit, even getting bumped from airplanes and flying free.

To Somach's surprise, Ms. Scott posted on Facebook that she was actually still alive.


"Not sure what is happening on my Messenger account.  Probably been hacked.  But I didn't post about any death.  Brad and I are okay," she relayed.

Brad is Jean's equally frugal husband.

"I do not answer any message on Messenger unless you are a friend here on Facebook."

Truly this is something to be thankful for this Thanksgiving Day holiday.

- Nagesh Rath,

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