Hey FanDuel: HOWE Can You Allow This?

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Jagajeet Chiba
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FanDuel's social media team is out of control.  At least that's what some industry observers are suggesting.

Earlier in the week, gaming industry analyst and consultant Joe Brennan Jr. noted an unfortunate tweet showing an abused female bloodied and beaten with little in the way of any context.

She appears to have stepped out of a boxing ring of some kind, but her comments are cringeworthy.

"I'm super excited," the woman being interviewed says. "It was really fun.  I enjoyed it.  It was definitely a different ball game but I had a blast." 


FanDuel adds to the tweet:

"Me after going 1-for-8 on my bets this weekend".

Brennan Jr, who spent the better part of a decade working to get sports betting legalized in the U.S., offered his own input:

What's lost on the fine folks at FanDuel is that these images first show in Twitter without sound.  Presumably Mr. Brennan Jr. logged onto his Twitter account and saw the image of a battered woman appearing in the FanDuel Twitter feed with a snarky remark. Not that the sound made things much better.

This, after all, is the kind of thing that landed Paddy Power on regulator's shit lists back in the day.  At least, most of their campaigns were, to some extent, funny.  Paddy Power's parent company also owns FanDuel.

So what does one do for an encore?

Some sensitivity training is desperately needed over at FanDuel.

What's worse is that their CEO just happens to be a female, one Amy Howe.

Think it was a one off? FanDuel was quick to remove the offensive tweet?

Think again.  They only doubled down.

"Hmmm. High parlay volume has been a cornerstone of FD’s success, yet their Social Team seems to continually undermine that with their “anything to be snarky” tweets featuring an apparent futility to win with the product ," Brennan Jr. observed after the latest tweet, just days after posting the aforementioned video of a woman beaten.

- Jagajeet Chiba, Gambling911.com

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