Dimeline Sportsbook Can’t Offer Odds: Bettors in Limbo

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Beleagured online betting site Dimeline Sportsbook has been unable to feature lines on games for over two weeks now, including the better part of March Madness.

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The site claims it has been “dealing with a software issue”.  The casino and poker platforms are still operable.

Players may request payouts or make deposits without issue, according to Dimeline Sportsbook.

The company, despite its relatively low profile, has been serving the betting community for well over a decade now.  Many complaints have been filed against Dimeline Sportsbook throughout the years.

As a result of Dimeline Sportsbook’s inability to offer odds, they have been added to the Gambling911.com Sportsbook Complaint section.

- Aaron Goldstein, Gambling911.com

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