Chilling Last Words of Gunned Down Mobster: 'Open the f***ing door'

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“Open the f***ing door” were the last words uttered by mobster Pasquale Barbaro before being gunned down Monday night just outside of Sydney Australia. 

Barbaro was shot execution style on a walking path after fleeing from his car.  He had banged in vain on the door of underworld figure George Alex, begging to be let in, prior to collapsing.

It was revealed on Wednesday that NSW Police raided Mr Alex's house Tuesday night in an effort to determine if he had somehow been involved in the murder.

The case has gripped the Gambling911.com community since news broke across the world Monday and Tuesday morning. 

Two hooded gunmen were witnessed running from the scene.  A luxury Audi believed to be linked to the murder was found set ablaze on a nearby street.

A member Australia’s Barbaro crime family, the 35-year-old survived an assassination attempt last year.  His grandfather and a cousin met the same fate in past years.

Barbaro was rumoured to be a high-ranking informant to the Crime Commission, according to the Daily Mail.

Barbaro was headed home to see his girlfriend when he was gunned down Monday night.

'He was on his way to see me last night but never made it,' his girlfriend told the Sydney Morning Herald.

Barbaro’s execution style murder is believed to be the result of a Calabrian mafia war.  He reportedly owed another gang member $1 million. The Calabrian mafia is known to engage in drug trafficking and illegal gambling among other illicit activities, according to authorities.

Enemies of slain mafia figure could have bugged his car so they could track him down and kill him, media outlets were reporting on Wednesday.

While one woman close to Barbaro insisted to media outlets he was not an informant, others have said otherwise.

One post read: "He bragged about [being an informant] all the time. He thought he was untouchable. It was common knowledge around town".

"He was the biggest dog in NSW," another wrote.

"Barbaro was apparently shooting his mouth and taking credit for deals he was not responsible for," a source told reporters.

Barbaro routinely wore a bullet proof vest though it was unclear if he had been wearing one the night of the slaying.

Detectives continue to investigate the brutal murder.

- Alejandro Botticelli, Gambling911.com

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