Children in These Nations Passed Up by Santa for Engaging in Risky Online Behavior

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  • Santa says “No” to many children residing in the nation of Israel this holiday season
  • Japanese youth got a lump of coal from Santa this year following research that indicates they were most likely to access porn sites
  • US children tended to visit violent websites more than those children living in any other nation surveyed
  • Italian youth were most prone to access online gambling websites

If you happen to be a small child who has stumbled upon the website wondering why Santa passed you over this Christmas, it could be due to a recent study showing you’ve been naughty, engaging in risky online behavior such as the accessing of porn websites and/or online gambling sites. 

Children living in Israel were most likely to be passed over by Santa and his reindeer as well as the Mensch on his bench during Chanukah celebrations.

That’s because the Kaspersky Lab has revealed that Israeli children were more likely to access said risky sites, double that of the next nation on the list, the UK.

Global statistics found that 775 children in Israel did so while the UK followed with 460, the US with 352, Sweden with 345 and Canada with 302.

While Israeli children appear more prone to searching for general all-encompassing risky websites – typically those that offer alcohol, tobacco and/or narcotics as well as weapons - youth living in Japan tended to favor online porn sites.  US children were more inclined to visit sites containing violent behavior and killings. Portuguese children enjoyed sites with profane language.

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Shock study reveals Japanese children most likley to access porn websites

Those youngsters living in Italy were most likely to try and access Web gambling sites, but with just 3.8 attempts revealed.  Parental controls are more prevalent in the online gambling sector when compared with other risk-associated sectors.

"Knowledge is power, as the saying goes, and this is especially true for parents who today have to protect their children from undesirable and sometimes dangerous information in both the real and virtual worlds," comments AltafHalde, Managing Director, South Asia at Kaspersky Lab."A mom or a dad cannot always be next to their kid to prevent a casual encounter with, say, pornographic content or sites promoting drug use. That's why specialized IT solutions are so important in warning parents and helping to prevent children from visiting this type of content."

- Jagajeet Chiba,

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