Browns Bills Bets Voided Due to Relocation

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Ean Lamb
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Caesars Sportsbook is taking some heat after voiding bets on the Browns-Bills game due to a signficant weather event.  No, the game has not been suspended or postponed.  Instead, its been moved from Buffalo to Detroit.

The relocation does not make this game more favorable for the Browns as both Detroit and Buffalo are within around the same driving distance from Cleveland.  The Bills lose home field advantage.

Caesars cites its rules and regulations. Bets placed after the venue switch was announced will stand using the updated line and total.


"UPDATE: The Bills vs Browns game has officially been moved from Buffalo to Detroit. Per our house rules: 'Bets placed on this event prior to the location change will be void.'"

Caesars Sportsbook was now listing Buffalo as an 8-point favorite and the game had a total of 48.  But the line barely moved.  The total jumped up two points.  The home field number this week is 2.18 based courtesy of Sagarin. gets a new number of 9.26 with an underlay still remaining, now 1 to 2 points.  Previously there was as much as a 4-point underlay.

The Bills announced the relocation Thursday afternoon.  2 to 4 feet of snow was anticipated to fall prior to Sunday's game.  Snow was not in the forecast for Sunday, it should be noted.

"Due to public safety concerns and out of an abundance of caution in light of the ongoing weather emergency in western New York, Sunday's game against the Browns will be moved to Ford Field in Detroit."

Needless-to-say, the cancellation of bets by Caesars has not exactly been met warmly by bettors in the hours following the announcement.

Larry tweeted: "@DraftKings has different rules. If the home team remains the home team all bets stand !!"

FG asked: "When will they be void? soon I hope so the funds are not tied up until Sunday."

Buffalo has more concerns than just a change of scenery.  Three players -- defensive back Cam Lewis, wide receiver Isaiah McKenzie and defensive tackle Jordan Phillips -- missed Thursday's practice with illnesses, none of which are Covid-related. All are expected to fly to Detroit.

- Ean Lamb,

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