Bodog Founder Assists in Barbuda Relief Following Destructive Irma

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C Costigan
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In a matter of 24 hours, the tiny Caribbean island of Barbuda was wiped off the map.  Its people though, most of whom have been transported to the sister island of Antigua, are survivors and looking to rebuild.

Calvin Ayre, founder of the online gambling behemoth Bodog, is now leading the efforts to help those displaced by Barbuda.  Ayre calls the sister island of Antigua his home.  That island was left relatively unscathed by Irma.


The Consulate General of Antigua and Barbuda has launched an official GoFundMe page for donations. The page has set a fundraising goal of $1m, and all funds raised will be put toward immediate relief, including food, water, medicine, baby formula, clothing and building materials.

For the first time, cryptocurrency is being used in a relief effort. Donations in Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash are also accepted. Send through the. ff addresses:

Bitcoin Cash (BCH) –1L89GJ3ecXh2PdZpDxPd5YwaLY1bYNcsNS

Bitcoin (BTC) – 15fT2nvS8NUs9D9aLF12rVAKb37cUiuoar

BCH has lower transactions fees and is the preferred Bitcoin to be used. There is no need to send receipts when you donate using either BCH or BTC as it can be seen in the blockchain. For cash donations, send a copy of your receipt and the Calvin Ayre Foundation. We will add an equal amount to the money, BTC and BCH committed for this initiative. If you donate $100, it will in effect be equivalent to $200 directly helping the Island of Barbuda.

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