These Lines Trends Are Smoking Hot This College Bowl Season

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Mary Montgomery
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Looking for a hot betting edge this college football bowl season?  Look no further than here.

Gambling911.com has analyzed most major college football games in 2022, reviewing lines above the 2 and below the number 14 mostly.

We also examined overlays and underlays in games as well as lines that were on the money and those that had the wrong team favored.

Here are our favorite followings.


Overlays Mostly Big for Dogs

The overlays heavily favored dogs in games that featured lines of between -2 and -3.5.   In fact, overlays in games where the line either hit 2.5, 3.5 or both went 30-10 in favor of the dogs.

We would caution that games where the base number was 6 or above tended to balance out somewhat.

10 was an interesting number, however.

While the sample size was a bit limited, games where the line was 10 / 10.5 and above went 7-2 for the dog.

Games with the line at 10 / 9.5 and below went 6-2 for the favorite.  This was the only line range where the favorites performed best in games with overlays.

The Big Overlays and Underlays

Overlays greater than 5 points overall, regardless of the number, went an astonishing 2-15 for the underdog.

Underlays of greater than 4 without going under that number were 16-2 for the favorite.

The Hot 3

3 as a base brought plenty of consistency this season.


Overlays 10-30
Underlays 18-4
On the Money 6-10
Wrong Team Favored 3-13

3/3.5 and above:

Overlays   5-20
Underlays 12-3
On the Money  2-6
Wrong Team Favored  1-2

3/2.5 and below:

Overlays 4-15
Underlays 8-1 (KU was the one dog with line out of whack due to OK State injured QB)
On the Money. 3-5
Wrong Team Favored  4-12

Wrong teams favored were more prominent around the 3 and tended to favor the underdog.

While accurate lines mostly did not have an edge either way, there was one exception.  On the money lines with a base of 10 did go 6-1 so far this season.

- Mary Montgomery, Gambling911.com

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