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If you are looking for an online betting marketplace, Betfair is the place to be. It is the first international platform of its kind, which is quite large and has numerous benefits for users.

On one hand, there are the technological advantages, on the other – the flexible conditions and betting options. Betfair is far from the sites found in most places where  bets and odds have been firmly set and move only within strict limits.

Betfair has evolved into an online bookmaker and stock market offering a whole new and different perspective on sports betting. Visitors can literally compete with their bets against each other, which adds to the thrill of the overall experience.

What can you expect from Betfair?

Imagine that you are convinced of the outcome of a sporting event, so you put your guess at the odds you set, and then you find someone with the opposite opinion. This someone buys  the bet and both sides are waiting for the final. At the end of the match, when the result becomes clear, Betfair announces a win for the right guess and deducts 6.5% when paying the prize.

With Betfair you can also play standard bets with no bet limits and odds are super high. However, your profits are ultimately subject to a fee of 6.5 percent, which is nothing  when you are able to take advantage of solid odds.

There is a bonus of up to € 100 available for new customers - higher for players in the Sports section and lower for those targeting the Betfair exchange.

Betfair exchange special options

Betfair gives you a chance to control your bet throughout the game. You can withdraw it at any time before the match is over, thus preventing the risk of loss. This option is called Cash Out.

With Lay bets you can predict that some event of your favorite sports will not happen.

Is there a cap on the odds?

This does not exist on Betfair, but you should remember that this is an online marketplace and there are all kinds of players. Some release unrealistic odds values, aiming to mislead the more unprepared bettors. So don't get excited, if you run into an odd of over 1000, consider the real options.

The odd types - for and against, are distributed in blue and red boxes on the site. The top odds are in the front, the others are ranked after them.

For anyone who is always ready to learn something new, there are a number of articles and materials in which you can find out information about successful betting strategies. 

Mobile app

Betfair has its own mobile version suitable for smartphones and tablets. It is loading directly from the site. However, if you prefer to stop using the app, with just one click you will end up in the betting area. You need to choose which app is right for you - whether for Android or for the iOS operating system.

The design of the application is extremely attractive, which distinguishes the mobile version itself. As you bet, you will have complete comfort and  will not experience difficulties loading because the mobile version is optimized.. However, always strive to be within range of at least 3G connection, and when you can't, at least have Wi-Fi nearby to make sure your bets are up and running.

The Betfair  application has most of the features that are typical of the desktop version, including live bets. Upon initial registration, you will also receive a bonus, depending on which section you decide to play.

Fans of sports betting in Bulgaria will soon have the opportunity to bet with Betfair again – the company is expected to renew its license and to start operating on the territory of the country. The State Gambling Commission is expected to approve the bookmaker's license, which allows one of the world's leading betting leaders to re-act fully legally in the Bulgarian market.

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