Bet on Street Fighter 5 as eSports Fighting Games Gain in Popularity

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The Fighting Game Community (FGC) is one of the mainstays of the genre, notes eSports.com writer Stoyan Todorov.  Now these games, viewed by some as fragmented over the years, may be getting their due.


Growing Popularity

Three years ago, VentureBet attempted to explain the obstacles facing this genre:

For as much as fighting games are among the best spectator experiences for potential audiences to get into easily, it can still be daunting — and, as with most sports, having a grasp of the rules, terms, and players improves the whole experience tenfold. It has fewer league-style events or long-term storylines to follow, too, so understanding the game matters more than it might in some other games!

In 2017, Echo Fox signed up seven fighting game pro players just as ESPN began dedicating an eSports channel to it: EVO or Evolution Championship Series.

Popular Team Envy recently signed up for Mister Crimson for Street Fighter 5.

Betting on Street Fighter 5 is starting to gain ground.  The most popular bet is who will win. 

How to Bet on Fighting Games Like Street Fighter 5

From Pinnacle Sports:

While the perceived level of ability of each player should be a part of your consideration, their recent win-loss record (particularly against who they are playing) and form with different heroes should be examined if you’re trying to get an edge in Street Fighter betting.

In the major competitions, the most popular format used is best of three (BO3) and best of five (BO5) matches. Due to players needing to win two or three matches to be victorious, (depending on the format) the chance for an upset is diminished. You will almost never come across a BO1 format in Street Fighter betting due to the randomness of the game making it far too unpredictable.

The Future of Fighting Games

Todorov believes that fighting game titles have benefited from a less centralised intervention from game publishers.

Most competitive titles, including Dota 2, Overwatch, and League of Legends, have stringent rules as to what tournament may become part of the official circuit whereas fighting titles have their own tournaments of varying degree and scale nearly every week.

- Alistair Prescott, Gambling911.com

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