Attorney Who Tried to Kill Sports Handicapper to be Released From Prison

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WHITEHALL, Pa. -- An attorney who was sentenced to prison earlier this month for trying to kill a noted sports handicapper is getting out on parole, just two weeks after being sentenced, Gambling 911 can reveal in an exclusive report!

"It's an outrage," said handicapper Dale "The Philly Prince" Stickel, in an interview today with Gambling 911. "The whole justice system is completely screwed up. All the lawyers and judges know each other and are friends with each other and help each other out. Creem and his lawyer friends have manipulated the system."

Creem is attorney Robert Franklin Creem, 70, of Whitehall, Pa., who three times in the last year tried to run over Stickel with his car, as a long-simmering beef between the former neighbors came to a violent head.

Each time, Stickel was able to jump out of the way of Creem's vehicle at the last moment, including one time when the capper was walking another neighbor's pet cat.

The incidents took place at an upscale gated condominium complex in Whitehall, a suburb of Allentown, where Stickel lives and where Creem used to live.

Earlier this month, on St. Patrick's Day, Creem was sentenced in Lehigh County Court in Allentown to 9-23 months in Lehigh County Prison, also in Allentown, by Judge Kelly Banach, after admitting he thrice tried to run over Stickel and copping a plea.

Creem blamed his actions on "mental illness" and a failure to take his prescribed meds.

Stickel was in court to personally witness the sentencing.

But now, Stickel tells Gambling 911, he has just received a letter from the Lehigh County District Attorney's Office informing him that Creem has been granted parole and will be getting out of Lehigh County Prison some time in the next few days.

"What kind of sentence is that," Stickel stormed. "A guy tries to kill me three times. He is sentenced to 9 to 23 months in prison and then he gets out after just two weeks. This is ridiculous. This is outrageous. I can't believe it. The system is rigged."

Stickel showed Gambling 911 the letter he received.

The letter notes that as a crime victim, Stickel had the right to be notified by the County that Creem has been granted parole and will be released from prison shortly, pending finalization of the details of Creem's relocation to another state.

In addition, the letter states, Creem has to refrain from using any drugs or alcohol for the duration of his parole, must stay away from the condo complex and must not have any contact with Stickel outside of court.

The letter is signed the Lehigh County parole officer who will handle Creem's case.

"Creem told the judge he has a brother in Michigan and is going to move there to live with him if he's let out on parole," Stickel said. "And the judge bought it. But I think it's bull. Creem may have a brother there, but I don't think he's moving to Michigan. He just said that so he could get out of prison. I'm worried he's going to come after me again."

In an earlier interview, Stickel told Gambling 911 that he learned from someone who had been incarcerated with Creem that Creem while in prison was trying to hire a hit man on the outside to kill the handicapper and finish the job Creem was unable to do.

Stickel also previously told Gambling 911 that he has purchased a handgun, a .357 Magnum, the gun made famous in the Clint Eastwood "Dirty Harry" movies, and will not hesitate to shoot Creem if the wayward attorney comes after him again.

Stickel, who takes his capping alias "The Philly Prince" from his hometown of Philadelphia, has worked in all aspects of the sports betting industry.

Before establishing the website Atlantic City Odds (www.acodds.us) and becoming a professional sports handicapper and bettor, he worked on the other side of the counter, as a bookmaker at English Sports Betting (ESB) in Montego Bay, Jamaica, one of the world's first offshore sports betting operations.

While at ESB, Stickel also co-hosted along with former Chicago Bears quarterback Jim McMahon the ESB-sponsored "Las Vegas Sporting News Radio Show," a weekly nationally-broadcast radio program about sports handicapping and sports wagering.

By Tom Somach

Gambling 911 Staff Writer


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