Attorney Who Failed to Kill Handicapper Now Looking for Hit Man to do Job

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An attorney who was jailed after trying to kill a noted sports handicapper is now plotting the handicapper's death from behind bars, Gambling 911 can reveal in an exclusive report!

Attorney Robert Creem of Whitehall, Pa., earlier this month received a sentence of 9 to 23 months in prison for attempting three times in the past year to run over with his car the well-known handicapper and radio host Dale "The Philly Prince" Stickel, also of Whitehall.

But even though he's behind bars in Lehigh County Prison in Allentown, Pa., Creem, 70,  is still trying to kill Stickel and has recently made inquiries among the prison population about hiring a "hit man" on the outside to whack the handicapper, Stickel told Gambling 911 Sunday in a blockbuster exclusive interview conducted at Stickel's residence in an upscale condominium complex where Creem also used to live.

"A neighbor's son just got out of prison, the same prison where Creem is incarcerated," Stickel said. "The son told me that last week Creem was asking other prisoners whether they know any hit men who would be willing to kill me. Creem's trying to arrange a hit on me from inside prison. It's outrageous! And it's very scary!"

Stickel also said he was told that Creem is offering $10,000 in cash to any hit man willing to do the job, which is the standard fee these days for a professional assassin or "hit man" to conduct an execution or "hit."

Creem is also offering a $5,000 "finder's fee" to any Lehigh County Prison inmate who acts as a "middleman" and puts Creem in touch with a hit man who takes on the job, Stickel said.

"I don't know where Creem is going to get $15,000 to pay the hit man and the middleman," Stickel said. "He couldn't even raise the bail money needed to stay out of jail while his criminal proceedings were going on.

"After he tried to run me over three times, the judge set his bail at $250,000. He only had to raise 10 per cent of that, or $25,000, to stay out of jail. But he couldn't even raise that much. And apparently no friends or family members were willing, or able, to loan it to him."

Stickel then beamed as he showed Gambling 911 a new handgun he had recently purchased.

The gun, a long seven-shot revolver, was a .357 Magnum, the firearm made famous by Clint Eastwood's character San Francisco Police Inspector "Dirty" Harry Callahan in the 1970s action movie "Dirty Harry."

In the film, Eastwood/Callahan describes the gun to a criminal suspect as "the most powerful handgun in the world" and something that "can blow your head clean off."

Stickel, who operates the sports handicapping website Atlantic City Odds (www.acodds.us) and runs a capping service, told Gambling 911 he would not hesitate to emulate Eastwood should there be trouble at the condo complex.

"After the last time Creem tried to run me over, I bought this gun to protect myself against him, in case he tried again," Stickel said. "He's now in prison, but he's trying to get a hit man after me. If any hit man shows up around here looking for me, I will blow his f------g head clean off!"

By Tom Somach

Gambling 911 Staff Writer


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