Are Loot Boxes Considered Real Money Gambling?

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New Zealand government regulator now says that loot boxes are not gambling. This latest approval from the government is in line with what the Western countries feel. For a long time, many people are in the dark whether or not loot boxes are gambling. 
In the United States of America, loot boxes are no longer gambling. Gambling Compliance of New Zealand releases a statement last week. In the statement, the office says there is no reason to say loot boxes are gambling. Learn if loot boxes are real money gambling at PlaySlots4RealMoney.com.

Trish Millward makes the statement on behalf of the office. The officer maintains that after a long study of the game and full consultation, it isn’t.  
“Loot boxes as they are, do not meet the definition of gambling. It is not in this country alone that we are going to label them so. Others countries that manufacture loot boxes believe they are not,” says Millward. 
For many years, many people criticize loot boxes. It is because of their nature of play. In this game, players get in-game items. 
Many people criticize this game citing player progression. In this, you can mention several games. The following are some of the games you can touch on:


·  Call of Duty.

·  Battlefront 2.

·  Star Wars.

·  WWII.

There is yet another reason for the criticism. Punters use real money to receive whatever packs they need.  
The controversy is intense. This is making Battlefront 2 to suspend several activities. One of the activities this game stops it its means to sell. This happens a day to the official launch. 
Under the 2003 New Zealand Gambling Law, everything is clear. Reading through the law, you will not find anything to attach to loot boxes.

According to the manager of the Compliance Office, everything is clear. His office is following the controversy. But the manager says there is nothing that links loot boxes to gambling in NZ. 
It is true that things are different when you look at them differently. The payment of money for a loot box may appear to be gambling.

To get the contents you must pay. But the Department is of the view that loot boxes are different. They do not meet the legal definition of gambling,” Millward says. 
The manager goes on to explain what happens. He says that video players usually do not do not buy loot boxes. If they opt to, the aim is not to win money. They don’t intend to win anything that can be money in the end.

In November, Hawaii State Representative Chris Lee says Battlefront 2 is a real game. In fact, Lee says that it is a ‘Star Wars-themed’ game. According to Lee, the game has ingenious ways of luring kids into spending money. 
Entertainment Software Association responds back. In a statement, the association says that it is wrong to call the practice gambling.  
“Loot boxes are a voluntary feature in certain video games. These video games provide players with another way to get virtual items. Players use these virtual items to enhance their in-game experiences,” says ESA.

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