African Killer Bees Invade Vegas

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  • Dog dead, couple rushed to hospital
  • Africanized bees can attack in large numbers and have been known to chase a victim for up to a quarter-mile
  • If under attack, run to a well-lit building such as a casino

A dog is dead and the couple that owned it injured following attacks by Africanized killer bees in the gambling Mecca of Las Vegas late Friday night.

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“We just got attacked by bees. Hundreds of them. I don’t know where they came from,” the woman, who told authorities her name was Rose, said.

She added that the couple were covered from head to toe with the killer bees.

Both were rushed to the hospital and treated for multiple bee stings.

Africanized bees can attack in large numbers and have been known to chase a victim for up to a quarter-mile.

If approached by a swarm of killer bees while in Vegas, be sure to run away. Do not stop to help others. However, small children and the disabled may need some assistance.

While running, pull your shirt over your face.

Run to a well-lit area such as a casino.   Some of the bees may follow you inside.

Do not swat at the bees or flail your arms. Bees are attracted to movement and crushed bees emit a smell that will attract more bees.

Once safe in a shelter, remove all stingers with tweezers or fingertips.  Seek help from casino staff.

If you have been stung more than 15 times, or are feeling ill, or if you have any reason to believe you may be allergic to bee stings, seek medical attention immediately.

To date, approximately 1000 people have been killed by Africanized bees.

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- Jajajeet Chiba,

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