7 Reasons Why It's Better to Gamble Online Than in Person

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The rise that is witnessed in the legalization and popularity of online betting continues. Now, while many states out there are doing their best legalizing online betting, something may have occurred to you, and that is the option that is better than the other between online and in person betting.

Brick and mortar casinos might be more traditional than some of the new casino sites you will find online in the UK, but for people that are not enthusiastic about online gambling, they will always make it seem that there is no basis for comparison of the two. 

There are advantages and disadvantages to each type of online gambling. However, while we move towards the age of the internet, huge improvements and innovations continue to be seen in online gambling. That is why we have mapped out the top 7 reasons that place online gambling above in person gambling in all ramifications.

Increased Accessibility

Now, before I move on with this point, I have to point out that every gambler must be moderate about gambling. This is more important for former gambling addicts and people that have had issues with bankroll management. However, for responsible gamblers, the brick and mortar casinos do not even come close to the online casinos when it comes to accessibility. If you do not have the privilege to live close to a casino, then you practically can’t gamble in a casino. Even if you get a limited casino experience from online gambling, at least, you are getting something. 

Like I said before, online casinos are regularly innovating, and have succeeded in improving the gambling experience to something more enjoyable. It is much easier to gamble online than to gamble in person. Consider one of these Fridays, and after the entire work of the week, you feel like gambling, and you are currently living up to two hours’ drive from the nearest casino, would you ever consider making that trip? So, between opening your laptop and logging in to enjoy games and driving two hours to a casino venue, which one trumps the other? This is where online casinos beat in-person gambling hands down.

Wider Variety of Games

In the real money online casinos, you will have access to a wider variety of the most popular table games. Meanwhile, you cannot vouch for the brick and mortar casino houses in this aspect. If you’ve been a regular gambler, you would have experienced a situation where you walk into the casino hall, and all the tables are occupied. This is something you can never experience in the online casinos. You cannot possibly locate a seat at the blackjack table or a position at the craps table at the peak times. However, in the virtual world, the options are seemingly endless, and all types of gamblers are always satisfied. One more thing; if you prefer a particular style of game, you may not find it in the brick and mortar casino close to you.

More Casinos to Choose From

You will be highly disappointed when you visit a brick and mortar casino and find out that their services are below par. Most of the gamblers may not have the time and luxury of bouncing from one brick and mortar casino to the other to select the one that serves them better. But this is something you can comfortably do online till you pick one that ticks all the boxes for you. As an online gambler, you have the leverage to conduct a virtual tour and be sure that the casino you are selecting is worth depositing your money with. But you can’t do this with the land based casinos. Even when you are not satisfied in an online casino, you can simply withdraw your money and bounce.

You can see very top notch and trustworthy online casinos that have been reviewed by the review sites. However, to start picking between the land based casinos, is a luxury you can only enjoy in a few cities in the United States, where they are located close to each other.

Ability to Gamble From Home

Every weekend morning, I enjoy rolling from my bed, getting a cup of coffee, after which I go betting. The meaning is that if I ever wanted to gamble in person, I would have to drive for some hours before I get to the casino. This is the situation of some other gamblers too.

The fact remains that the gambling experience at home is never the same with that of a casino. You can’t replace the feeling of walking into a casino and immersing yourself in the glitz, glamour, and buzz. But it gets to a point where you consider the potential gains of gambling in your home and moving to a casino.

You enjoy more convenience when you gamble at home, and some gamblers will even add that they enjoy more comfort at home. This comfort can determine whether a player wins or loses. When you gamble from home, you don’t have the pressure to feel self-conscious, and you enjoy full anonymity.

More Fluid Bet Sizes

The table minimums and maximums in the traditional casinos are too rigid for some gamblers. However in land based casinos, new players that want to get the experience have the leverage of not spending any tangible amount. While some older players can easily cough out $5-$10 per hand, this would be too much for newer gamblers. The operating cost of the land based casinos is too much when you compare to what you spend to run an online casino. When gambling online, you will have an avalanche of options no matter your financial situation. So, you won’t feel stressed and won’t bet outside your comfort level.

No Distraction by Other Gamblers

Some gamblers in the land based casinos have some reason to feel self-conscious, though most of the gamblers out there are good people. However, this stress is drastically reduced when you play on a computer screen with other anonymous players. You may experience other irritating gamblers in the land based casinos from time to time. Some are loud, drunk, rude and obnoxious. You won’t meet them all the time, but when you do, your trip could be ruined. But these do not exist online. The best part of the land based casinos is the interpersonal interaction, but they come with their problems. When you gamble from home, you reduce the chances of meeting such people.

It’s Safer

The health crisis still lingers and people have to wear masks to move around, including coming to the casinos. If this makes you feel unsafe in the casinos, you should gamble online. For those that have visited the casinos since the nationwide stay at home was lifted, they will agree that the casinos do not feel the same again, and we can’t tell when everything will return to normal.  While we wait for that, you should get to online gambling. You can’t gamble effectively if you keep looking over your shoulder while doing so.


There are pros and cons to gambling online and in person. You can’t enjoy the authentic casino experience online through technology; though they are working towards that. But there are many advantages that make the online casinos superior in many ways. Some of them are the accessibility and the number of games available. They are also very affordable and can save you from interacting with unwanted people.


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