The 5 Biggest Perks of Buying Cryptocurrency

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Buying digital currency that you can’t physically withdraw from a cashpoint might seem an odd choice to some, but it isn’t as far fetch as you might think – especially not in 2022. After all, paying with cash is no longer necessary and according to Forbes, the pandemic has only fast-forwarded this trend. That’s why cryptocurrency is on the up. 

While you are no doubt familiar with shopping online and paying by card, most traditional shops are still not accepting cryptocurrency as payment. But does that mean it’s useless? Far from. Here’s five reasons to give crypto a go this year. Read more on

1. You can spend cryptocurrency in a crypto casino

Cryptocurrency and casinos are the ideal combination. Paying into casino sites with Bitcoin or another type of digital currency offers more privacy and safety as crypto casinos abide by different rules than regular casinos. You only need to provide a minimum amount of personal details and can claim your winnings almost instantly. To find the best crypto casino, it’s a good idea to read reviews and compare sites on  Here, you can also access guidance, bonuses and promotions. 

2. You can pay for a glamorous holiday

There are more and more hotels accepting payment with cryptocurrency like Bitcoin, especially in the world of luxury resorts. Since September 2021, the award-winning Sri Panwa Phuket in Thailand has accepted cryptocurrency payments, and The Pavilions Hotels & Resorts has joined in too. They have hotels in both Europe and Asia, so you have plenty of great destinations to choose from. And if that doesn’t thrill you, how about visiting one of the Kessler Collection’s luxury hotels in the US?


3 You can make money from it

One of the biggest perks about cryptocurrency is that you can make money from it. To do so you need to approach it as an investor. Prices of cryptocurrencies are known to fluctuate, so it’s about knowing when to buy and when to sell. To be able to do that, it’s vital to always keep one step ahead by staying tuned in to everything that happens on the cryptocurrency market. Read guides, learn from others and explore new opportunities. 

4 You can convert cryptocurrency into online gift cards

Thanks to sites such as Coingate, you can buy gift cards for cryptocurrency and spend them in shops like Amazon. It’s a way of purchasing items from websites and companies that are not yet allowing payments with Bitcoin and other cryptocurrency. Buy products for PlayStation, order food on Deliveroo, or add to your Apple music collection – the options are endless.  

5 You can top-up your Starbucks account

If you are a coffee drinker, then there is plenty to look forward to if you decide to invest in cryptocurrency. Although you can’t pay in the stores directly, you can use Starbuck’s app to pay through iPayYou’s Bitcoin wallet. So, if you have made a bit of money on your crypto investments, this is a great way to spend it. 


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