Youth Brutally Murdered for Protesting Gambling Racket: Genitals Cut

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Jagajeet Chiba
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Youth Brutally Murdered for Protesting Gambling Racket:  Genitals Cut

An Indian youth was brutally murdered for his role in protesting a gambling racket.


The body of 20-year-old Subho Dhaki was found Tuesday morning at Shibtala in Dhulagarh, Howrah, under Sankrail police station.  His genitals had been cut and placed in his pocket.  Dhaki’s throat was also slashed.

The victim had protested gambling activity near his home at the Dhulagarh Market.

Police theorize there was a love affair tied to the murder, however.

Locals alleged that he was killed because he used to protest against the anti-social activities that were prevalent in the area, according to the Indian Express.

"People gather there every evening and the police are hand-in-glove with them. He had gone there to protest against the gambling as he thought it was polluting the area. They not only slit his throat, but also cut his genitals and kept them in his trouser pocket to show that anyone who raises his voice against them would be silenced. Because he complained of these, he had earned the enmity of many who dealt in liquor and ran gambling rackets. Subho wanted to see the entire place free from such menace," said a neighbour.

- Jagajeet Chiba,

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