Where Can I Gamble Online From Denmark? ISP’s Ordered to Block Some Sites

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Ace King
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Where Can I Gamble Online From Denmark?  ISP’s Ordered to Block Some Sites

Denmark is the latest country to begin blogging what it deems to be “illegal” online gambling sites, essentially those that are not licensed by the Danish government.

Last week, Internet Service Providers were ordered to block access to five suspect sites. The only way Danes can get around this is by playing via an anonymous (masked) ISP.

Denmark was actually one of the first countries to embrace online casino gambling, as far as its citizens go.  They were some of the most prolific Internet casino players on the planet during the early part of the last decade thanks in part to heavy promotional activity in that country.  They also developed a reputation for winning big and seizing on bonus opportunities to the point where some casino operators began banning Danes.

ISP’s must comply with the Danish government initiative.  In this case, the Internet Service Provider “3” has two weeks in which to comply.

The blocked websites are: 7red.com, 7red.dk, quasargaming.com, wintrillions.com and trillonario.com.

- Ace King, Gambling911.com

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