What Will Harry Do?

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C Costigan
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Harry Reid

Harry Reid has told Politico.com he does not intend to insert his draft bill to legalize online poker within the much talked about tax extension bill slated to go for vote some time next week.  That doesn’t mean he won’t try.

When the 74-page tax bill was introduced Thursday night, it did not include the poker language.

From Politico.com:

Reid could still insert the poker legalization into the tax cut bill if additional modifications are made before a final vote is cast sometime next week. Or he could slip the plan into a mammoth $1 trillion omnibus spending bill that has yet to be unveiled but is necessary to keep the government funded through September. Any option is certain to generate backlash from the GOP.

Reid is very much intended on passing the poker measure during this lame duck session. 

“The legislation I am working on would get our collective heads out of the sand and create a strict regulatory environment to protect U.S. consumers, prevent underage gambling and respect the decisions of states that don’t allow gambling,” he said. He asserted his bill would ensure “the revenue and jobs from this multibillion-dollar industry will stay where it belongs — here in America.”

- Christopher Costigan, Gambling911.com Publisher


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