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Jan/20/2015 Review – Daily Fantasy Sports, a site you have trusted since 1999 to bring you the latest news pertaining to the gaming and Fantasy Sports sector, has its review.  This is one of the newest and cleanest of the Daily Fantasy Sports sites to emerge during the final months of 2014., developed by Ruckus Gaming LLC, is based out of the epicenter of creativity in the United States: Austin, Texas.  The website can be found here. reporter Thomas Somach was in the process of interviewing the folks from at the time this review went to press.  We had hoped to gain better insight into the future of and what new products may be offered.  As an update: advised Mr. Somach that they "did not like the questions being asked".  These were basically the same questions we have asked of other Daily Fantasy Sports sites.  They failed to elaborate any further.  It is very important to maintain a good line of communication with companies in this space, especially start-ups.  Now in fairness, what we are finding with a lot of these companies early on is an inherent fear of giving up trade secrets to the competition, which may or may not be the case here. is incredibly interactive with its customer base when it comes to email notifications, which is in stark contrast to their approach with Mr. Somach.  They typically send out emails for upcoming events and promos almost daily and multiple times during weekends when football is in full force.

Their stats are top notch, and with good reason.  Reportedly, a statistician physicist from the Wolfram Alpha Consulting firm was brought in to help in this area. claims to have the 3rd largest guaranteed prize pool in the industry.
More than $22,500 in guaranteed NFL contest payouts were being offered for the Conference Championship weekend.  They just increased their NBA and NBADFS Full Court Friday contest to $12,500. It overlaid $2,000 @ $10k last week

For those of you fearing they may be giving the house away, it should be noted that received 2.5 Million in initial funding and, if DraftKings and FanDuel provide any type of indication, anticipates more cash infusions leading up to next football season.

As noted above, has focused heavily on stats.  CIO Earl Mitchell explains how compares with more established players in the sector:

Over the final three weeks of the regular season I’ve been comparing the predictiveness of’s salaries against the projections of CBS fantasy football experts Dave Richard and Jamey Eisenberg. So far is 2 for 2 for having more accurately ranked and projected all fantasy athletes, on average, in both weeks 15 and 16. For round 3, rather than focusing on either expert individually, we will take the average ranking of the two as a baseline against which salaries are compared.

When dealing with expert opinions in statistics, averaging is a common technique that tends to improve overall performance. The so-called ‘wisdom of crowds’ explanation is that experts tend to systematically error one way or another, but when you average multiple experts together these errors offset each other resulting in a generally more tempered and more accurate approach. The idea is that the mean of the projections is more predictive than any of the individual projections.

Pros: Super crisp, clean website interface, one of the best we’ve seen in any sector (not just gaming), love the feel of it.  Despite being in its infancy and having a limited player pool early on, they are still offering some of the bigger guaranteed prize offerings in the industry.  Excellent information and strategies provided on the site.  Very easy to enter roster lineups. Fun user tools.

Cons: They are new so the volume won’t be there yet and, as such, the game types will be limited.  The affiliate program needs improvements on the reporting end (limited stats information). offers all the usual deposit methods such as credit card and debit card along with PayPal.  They also offer Bitcoin.

Scoring for the NBA:

  • Point +1
  • Rebound +1.25
  • Assist +1.25
  • Steal +2
  • Block +2
  • Turnover -.5 does not currently offer Daily Fantasy Sports for Baseball but does offer PGA Golf, making them unique in that regard.  This will likely change come the new season so stay tuned.

Customer Feedback:

Denon Wilgosh has tweeted:

victiv has the most challenging price structure in my opinion. Always seems hard to make a stacked lineup on that site

Medivis6 of Reddit writes:

Obviously the freerolls have been fantastic on this site. Starting with $0 in my account I've won over $20 in free money from them. They have continued to run out these freerolls which has been awesome and they now added depositor freerolls too on top of it. They really are starting out as a new site in the right way.

Functionality wise I really like their site. It looks VERY clean and should be pretty easy to navigate for the casual player. I've also heard a lot of good things about the Victron but haven't used it ever because why would I if I know how to make my own lineup, ha?

Reddit's DailyRoto writes:

I too have played on Victiv since beta and ended up with an opening balance of $50 in my account from the beta FR when the site went live. I since have over $800 in my account without having deposited a dime! Ok, had to get that out there.
*I like their lineups with the 2 flex spots and no kicker
*I like playing with their VICTRON gadget
*I love the large FR's and Overlay they have on the site so far
*I like that they finally darkened the text and increased the contrast making it easier to ready than it was.
*I like that they respond quickly to my emails and even gave me a $50 bonus just for pointing out some of the technical glitches they had in the beginning!
*I like the names of their contests too.
They do need a better way to look at past rosters and contests without having to go through the account transaction history.

Learn More About The Site Here

- Payton O’Brien, Senior Editor

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