USA vs. Brazil Likely Monster Betting Event for Gambling911

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USA vs. Brazil Betting

Heading into Sunday morning, typically Gambling911.com experiences little in the way of any significant Web traffic.  After all, everyone is out partying into the wee hours of Sunday morning.  They sleep until 2 pm (i.e. Gambling911.com's Jenny Woo) or they go to church.  Few people are ready to bet on a 2 pm EST game during the summer time.  But USA vs. Brazil is changing that mindset.

It's the first time in a long time that the U.S. finds itself in a soccer final of this magnitude, against mighty Brazil no less.

Most of the bets are going USA's way among the US-facing online sportsbooks

Traffic was already off the charts (at least by late Saturday evening standards) heading into Midnight.

"I think this is going to be a banner day for a number of these online sportsbooks that are pushing USA vs. Brazil," claims Gambling911.com Senior Editor, Payton O'Brien.

She observed that nearly all the traffic related to this game during these early morning hours was originating from the United States.

"Yes, one or two searches were coming in from Brazil," she laughed.

By Sunday morning, Web traffic for the 2009 Confederations Final was expected to resemble that of the Super Bowl leading up to 2 pm EST when the game airs in the U.S. on ESPN.

"That isn't too far fetched a forecast," she said.  "Judging by the preliminary numbers we will have a few hours of heavy traffic, probably 100 searches per every three minutes on average the two hours leading up to the final."

For online bookmakers this means some surprise revenue during what would otherwise be the slowest betting times of the year.

"I would say that our Saturday traffic early on was pretty dismal, one of the slowest days we have seen in quite some time until our enhanced coverage of Sunday's Confederations Final game began in earnest.  You look at the calendar and there is absolutely nothing going on this weekend except for some baseball games and Wimbledon, neither of which is drawing a huge amount of betting action, at least not according to Gambling911 traffic numbers."

Does O'Brien have a prediction as to the outcome of USA vs. Brazil?

"The bookmakers win if Brazil comes out on top," she said.  "The gamblers win if USA wins."

That's because Team USA would pay out nearly $600 for every $100 bet at SBG Global.

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