US Marines Set to Invade Costa Rica

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Jagajeet Chiba
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US Marines Costa Rica

The online gambling friendly Central American nation of Costa Rica is about to be invaded by US marines.

The United States is sending 46 war ships, 200 helicopters and 7,000 Marines to help in Costa Rica's efforts to rid itself of drug cartels, smugglers, gangs and, quite possibly, even a bookmaker or two. 

Costa Rica does not have an army and its police force has a reputation for corruption.  In recent years the crime rate continues to escalate. 

The Costa Rican press doesn't seem all too thrilled by these latest developments.

Inside Costa Rica:

For the last several days the Minister of Security, Jose Maria Tijerino, the anti-drug commissioner , Mauricio Boraschi and of course Presidenta, Laura Chinchilla have been doing a lot of tap dancing to explain this extraordinary, desperate last resort type measure.

And before the Marines buy out all the condoms of the world after being told prostitution is legal in Costa Rica, I assure you a bunch of legal challenges before this will ever comes to fruition.

The online bookmakers who reside in the country are not exactly ecstatic about this US military surge.  Authorities in the States have worked tireless to squash the multi-billion dollar online gambling industry, more feverishly perhaps than efforts to get rid of illegal drugs some might say.

Jagajeet Chiba, Gambling911.com  



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