Trophy Cup to be Presented to Last Woman Standing in 2009 WSOP

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Last Woman Standing WSOP

At press time, 888.com Poker's Leo Margets was still among the 47 players in the 2009 World Series of Poker (WSOP).  She was also the last woman standing in the 2009 WSOP.

And with that the Barcelona native will be the proud recipient of the Last Woman Standing Trophy courtesy of WickedChopsPoker.com.

The trophy will include the names of all last women standing in each of the WSOP past events.  They include as follows (Annie Duke has had the honor twice):

1986 - Wendeen Eolis (25th)

1993 - Marsha Waggoner (19th)

1994 - Barbara Samuelson (10th)

1995 - Barbara Enright (5th)

1996 - Lucy Rokach (26th)

1997 - Marsha Waggoner (12th)

1998 - Susie Isaacs (10th)

2000 - Annie Duke (10th)

2003 - Annie Duke (47th)

2004 - Rose Richie (98th)

2005 - Tiffany Williamson (15th)

2006 - Sabyl Cohen-Landrum (56th)

2007 - Maria Ho (38th)

2008 - Tiffany Michelle (17th)

"We're not saying the World Series of Poker is sexist, but it's highly suspect that in 39 years there hasn't been a female champion.

"In fact, since its inception in 1970, the World Series of Poker Main Event has had few if any women seriously challenge for the Main Event bracelet. Only a few have come even close. Barbara Enright, a woman, made the final table in 1995 to finish fifth. Annie Duke, a woman, fell one spot shy of the final table in 2000 to finish 10th overall-while 8 months pregnant, no less. Tiffany "Crazy Bitch" Williamson, a woman, crazy bitched her way to 15th place in 2005. And just last year, Tiffany Michelle, a woman, had the highest percentage placement of a woman vs. the field when she finished 17th.

"While none of these women eventually won The Big OneTM, they did earn the equi-prestigious title of The Last Woman StandingTM at the WSOP Main Event. In fact, it's become the crowning achievement in all of poker for women. Each year, as the Main Event field dwindles down, there is a focus on female poker players by the so-called "media" as everyone wants to know who that Last Woman Standing will be. It's a big deal. Like winning the Kentucky Derby if you're a horse. Or the Westminster Dog Show if you're a dog.

Not everyone was thrilled with the new trophy concept.

One WickedChopsPoker.com reader wrote:

"What woman would actually want this "toilet bowl cup honor"? Seems to be a derogatory award but you geniuses probably didn't realize this now did you? The only reason to come onto this site anymore is to see how much you continually outdo your selves in the failure department."


Payton O'Brien, Gambling911.com Senior Editor


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