Tom Durrrr Dwan Goes Up $1.7 Mil in One Hour

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Tom Durrr

It is well documented and widely discussed about how 2009 has been a complete pendulum for Tom "Durrrr" Dwan.  For the 1st quarter of the year, he posted massive losses and has spent time ever since just trying to catch up.  In the meantime, he has been doing battle with Patrik Antonius in a million dollar Pot Limit Omaha challenge on Full Tilt, as well as playing against Ziigmund heads up where both players agreed to raise the preflop minimum betting to $3,000 and $9,000.  All of this has made for compelling railbirding for observers as they have been watching in sheer delight, the incredible action of these games.

With the 2009 World Series of Poker in full swing, some of the largest games and biggest pots still are not being played out at the Rio Hotel and Casino.  Rather, these games are still being played in the online arena known as Full Tilt Poker.  Last night, Durrrr sat down to play some $500/$1,000 Pot Limit Omaha against Gus Hansen and the early going was purely brutal for Durrrr.  Almost instantly, Durrrr had dropped two buy-ins and Hansen was up a cool million dollars.

Durrrr Drops 2 Huge Pots

Within the first 30 minutes, Durrrr had dropped two astoundingly large pots, losing on the river to Hansen for a pot of $478,000 and losing a preflop coin flip situation for another $356,000 pot.  It seems that losing those two early battles harnessed Durrrr's ability to focus, and he came back in a huge way.  He was able to basically have his way with Hansen and when they finally decided to call it quits, Durrrr left the session up $4,000.

Durrrr Goes up $1.7 Million in 24 Hours

While duking it out with Hansen, Durrrr also played heads up against Phil Ivey and took him down for $500,000.  By the time he decided to end the night of play, Durrrr was up approximately $1.7 Million in a 24 hour stretch, undoubtedly providing some relief to his bankroll.

The largest pot he took down came during his comeback against Hansen.  Sitting in the small blind holding 7c-6c-Qs-8s.  Preflop, Durrrr raised it up to $3,000 and Hansen came back with a re-raised to $9,000.  Undeterred, Durrrr again dumped it up, making it $27,000 to go.  Hansen called.

The flop was 5c-7s-3c giving Durrrr top pair, an inside straight draw and a gutshot straight flush draw.  Hansen checked and Durrrr bet $37,000 and Hansen made the call.  The turn was the stuff of legend for Durrrr as the 4 of clubs game him the stone cold nuts, a straight flush.  To Durrrr's delight, Hansen played the rest of the hand for him.  Hansen led out for $83,000 and Durrrr smooth-called.  The inconsequential river card was the Jack of diamonds and Hansen pushed all in and Durrrr insta-called.  Hansen revealed 10d-Qd-2c-Kc for the 2nd nut flush.  Durrrr raked in the pot of $672,353 and got him really started on his spectacular run.


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